Auro Paint – Natural Paint
Auro offer natural paints for walls and ceilings, as well as offering a range of wood stain and wood paints both in gloss and satin. We have enjoyed stocking Auro in the past, well since 2012 actually!.. and we’re pleased to find a new brand called Graphenstone (who have also been making paints as long as Auro, but in Spain rather than Auro Germany) – we have found that their paints are easier to apply, tougher and flexible due to the natural graphene within the paint!

We now are excited to sell Graphenstone Natural Paints instead – the worlds best certified green brand. If you bought Auro 524, Auro 321 or Auro 555 Natural Emulsion paint previously – I would now suggest the Graphenstone GCS Colour or the Grafclean Premium.
We now no longer stock Auro paint, having sold their range since 2012 in the UK.  If you need some help deciding, or something similar please email me and I’ll help you out ASAP. We have kept some of the product pages for the reference of existing customers. If you are specifically looking for Auro Paint, please email me and I’ll let you know the best place to purchase.

Auro Paint offer Eco friendly natural and organic paint, and can be found online or through their UK stockists. We stocked them here for a long time and we still do recommend them.
Auro paints offer natural paints and wood finishes. Auro paints have made it their business to be totally committed and uncompromising in their high environmental standards when it comes to producing and distributing organic paint and natural paint. Not only are Auro paints are environmentally
friendly; this eco-friendly company also works out of an eco-building that utilizes cutting edge environmental technology that promotes a sustainable future.
Auro’s dedication to the environment and to bringing consumers natural and organic paints and wood stains are perfect for eco homes and conservation projects as well as at home use for those homeowners who care about the environment and the health of their families. Unlike standard paint manufacturers who hide their ingredient lists, Auro makes theirs readily available and even includes a copy with each can of paint you buy.
Petrochemicals are not used and in fact, the linseed oil base used in Auro paints is harvested from linseed grown using a sustainable ecological cycle near the Auro factory. This coupled with the other natural ingredients such as resins, chalks and plant pigments creates a paint and wood stain that is so safe, you can use it to paint your baby’s cot or stain a birdhouse with no worry of harming the occupants.
Free from the toxins found in common products, Auro’s natural paints will help you and your loved ones breathe much easier. . With ingredients like linseed oil and plant pigments, you can’t possibly go wrong in choosing one of nature’s greatest allies!

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