Natural Metal Paint & Eco Friendly Paints

There are a few options for metal paint, and generally the paints that say ‘wood paints’ are also fine for metal, just make sure you use the correct primer.

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Top choices for natural metal paint:

Auro range
Auro 517 Gloss, or the Auro 516 Satin
Both require the Auro 510 primer.

Grafclean Eggshell for wood or metal
Requires the Four2Four primer.

If you are looking to buy a VOC free natural metal paint, choose Graphenstone Grafclean Eggshell multi surface paint and use the Four2Four Natural natural primer. Once you’ve primed with the four2four, you can paint this on almost any surface Graphenstone

Four2Four Premium primer is an adherence bridge for metal paint. It ensures adherence of mineral paint to all types of surfaces such as tiles, phenolic panels, polyurethane paint, etc., for indoors and outdoors applications. In addition, it acts as an antioxidant in metal substrates (free of corrosion or oxidation) and as a sealant of wood, MDF boards and stains on interior walls. Natural wood paints for sale on our site with next working day delivery

Which metal paint?

When faced with a metal painting project, it’s important to choose a paint that is specifically designed for painting metal. It can be difficult to find a paint that can adhere to metal, especially one that is eco friendly and breathable, but it is a necessity. Different types of metal will require different application techniques and different types of paint and prep work.

For instance, ferrous metal is metal that can rust while galvanised metal is treated so it won’t rust—both have different needs when it comes to painting them. When painting a ferrous metal, you’ll need to remove any existing rust and prime the metal before painting. New galvanised metal has an oily coating that must be washed off to allow paint to adhere. Older galvanised metal finish can have a white, powdery oxidation that must be removed prior to painting.

In addition to ferrous and galvanised metal, there are items made of metal that have their own sets of needs as well. Wrought iron patio furniture will be exposed to the elements, so should be painted with an eco metal paint that won’t harm the environment and that can handle exposure to sun, rain, heat and freezing. Then you’ve got a whole host of items with special paint needs such as radiators that will need to have specific paints that can withstand heating and cooling.

While all of this sounds daunting, it’s not as confusing as it seems. Simply determine what type of metal you’ll be painting, what state it’s in, and where it’s going to be located. Choosing an eco metal paint is important whether your project will be indoors or out.

You’ll want to avoid VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds) in conventional paint that can have detrimental effects on your health and can also be toxic to the environment if leached into the ground off of an outdoor painting project. Be sure to go with an all natural wood and metal primer as well when prepping surfaces for their coats of natural paint, otherwise you’ve gone to all the trouble of being eco-friendly for nothing!

The Benefits of Eco-Friendly Metal Paints such as Graphenstone

Metal paint Free from Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs)

Paints with no VOCs have no volatile organic compounds in them, with lots of amazing raw materials. This means that they don’t release unpleasant odours or other gases that are harmful to the environment and are dangerous to breathe than are found in high street chemical and plastic based paints.

Blister and Bubble Prevention

Traditional paints usually don’t allow moisture to pass through the paint surface easily. This trapped moisture results in the formation of bubbles and blisters on the surface of the paint which cheapens the look and lessens the durability of the paint. Eco-friendly paints such as Graphenstone, on the other hand, allow moisture to pass through which prevents this issue altogether.

Non chalking metal paint

Chalking is the loose powdered layer that forms on the surface of paints due to erosion and can stain objects that come into contact with the paint. This will not occur with eco-friendly paint.

Non cracking metal paint

When applied in the correct way and the right amount, Graphenstone eco-friendly breathable metal paint does not crack, flake, or fall off, thanks to its flexible and adhesive qualities.

Metal paint with resistance to mould

Mold and fungus growth from water vapour can reduce the lifespan of the paint. Furthermore, mold left unchecked results in the release of harmful spores which may cause severe breathing problems such as asthma. However, lime content in Graphenstone paints prevents the growth of mold, leading to a healthier and more breathable environment, so a perfect choice when choosing paints for the interior.

Metal paint with High Durability

Metallic objects are often placed in environments that undergo stress and harsh conditions. This necessitates the use of a paint that is highly durable and can withstand various environments. Fortunately, Graphenstone breathable paint is manufactured using graphene, lending the paint its characteristic durability.

Absorption of Carbon Dioxide from the atmosphere

Thanks to the presence of Lime in the paint, a 15 litre pot can absorb 4.8kg of Carbon Dioxide from the atmosphere. This means that 3 pots can do the job of a 250kg tree in terms of Carbon Dioxide absorption.

Resistance to Fading – fade resistant metal paint

Thanks to the high durability of the eco-friendly metal paint, it retains its colour for much longer as compared to traditional paints even in the presence of harsh weather conditions. Graphenstone have a range of natural masonry paints also.

Procedure for applying Eco Friendly Metal Paint

There are two basic stages for applying paint to a metal: Preparation of the surface and then applying the paint through the proper technique.

Preparing Surfaces for Eco-Friendly Metal Paint

The following guidelines should be followed in order to ensure the metal surface is in the optimal condition to paint:

  • All impurities and dust/debris should be removed from the surface of the metal
  • Rust and signs of oxidation should be cleaned and removed
  • Grease and grime should be dealt with by using an appropriate cleaning agent
  • Gently scrubbing the surface with sandpaper can greatly increase adhesion

Applying Eco-Friendly Metal Paint

The following guidelines should be followed for the proper application of the eco-friendly metal paint:

  • A primer such as Graphenstone Four2Four Natural Primer should be applied onto the metal surface in one or two coats depending upon the usage scenario
  • Once the primer is dry, apply the metal paint with the desired number of layers.
  • Use a roller to spread the paint evenly
  • Paint in sections, starting from the border
  • If the treated area remains uncovered for a week or more, it’s a good idea to softly sandpaper the surface to enhance the adhesion of the top coat of paint.

Mistakes to avoid during metal painting

The following points should be kept in mind to avoid mistakes in the painting process:

  • If the surface is wet, wait for it to dry completely (approximately 24 hours) before applying the paint and primers.
  • Don’t use the paint if the surface is in regular contact with water
  • Don’t mix the eco-friendly metal paint with other products, as this can offset the environmental benefits of using such a paint
  • Don’t reapply the paint onto areas where the previous coat is still drying
  • Prevent overlapping of paint coats to maintain an even thickness

Storing Eco-Friendly Metal Paint

Storage is an often over looked aspect of the painting process. Once you are finished the application of paint and are pleased with the results, follow these guidelines to store any leftover paint:

  • Make sure that the paint pot is sealed tight and there are no chances of leakages.
  • Store the pot in a cool and dry place, away from harsh temperatures, either hot or cold.
  • Make sure that the paint is not expired upon purchase. Usually, such paints last a year after the date of manufacture.

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