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Graphenstone is the ultimate ecological range of products, composed of natural elements that purify the air we breathe inside our homes. It is suitable for people suffering from chemical intolerance (please contact me and I can help find the best choice!), recommended for all houses, businesses, indoor enclosures, hospitals, nurseries, hotels, environments or rooms for infants and children.

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Health benefits from the use of Graphenstone natural paints

  • Improves air quality of indoor environments
  • Limits pathogens derived from sick building syndrome (sBs)
  • Prevents mould growth, fungi and bacteria,
  • Helps contribute to clean air in cities
  • Free from VOC’s, carcinogens or toxic substances.
  • Absorbs C02 from the ambient air and cleans the air that you breathe.

Three 15 litre buckets of paint absorbs more than 10kg of C02, the same amount as a tree weighing 250kg absorbs in a year!

Graphenstone are an ecological paint company that was started from an environmental commitment to do something worthwhile for the environment. Graphenstone wanted to be different from the usual big brand paint companies which contain harmful agents. They discovered that by using a lime based product and cutting edge Graphene technology. By combining the two, they managed to create an amazing ecological and natural coating for interior and exterior walls.

It is very important to reduce our carbon emissions, both to reduce the effects of greenhouse gasses, but also to help reduce air pollution in our cities.

Graphenstone was created by a chemical engineer Antonio León Jiménez. After generating a new coating system using the lime base, he added the natural graphene fibres to the paint which helped improve resistance, flexibility and conductible while gaining the natural and eco friendly qualities. They developed a natural graphene polymer, which was able to improve the material qualities with incredible results. The first Graphenstone paints were created in 2013 and they have been getting better and better ever since.

Graphenstone have a great range of natural and eco breathable paints for almost every part of your house. There are a few different types of paint to choose from, both the lime based paints such as the interior lime paint Ecosphere, and the exterior version of the lime paint which biosphere. For washable and scrubbable paints they offer the Grafclean Premium, which is a mineral hybrid paint that is strong and tough.

There is also The Grafclean premium ‘mid sheen’ which is the satin matte version of the same paint, and when twinned with the universal primer the paint can be used as a wood finish. For almost all walls and ceilings I would recommend the Grafclean premium, and for wood the grafclean premium mid sheen.

Graphenstone have an excellent array of natural paint colours, which can be seen on the natural paint colours page linked above. We are an official graphenstone stockists, and one of the first companies to offer their paint online in the UK. They are an outstanding company offering Cradle to Cradle paints as standard.


High quality lime is the raw material of Graphenstone’s product range.

The graphenstone paints use lime that has been made in wood burning kilns, which produces a high degree of whiteness and purity. Natural lime has been produced this way since the mid 19th century believe it or not! The lime cycle is 100%, from the wood used to feed the over through to the firing and collection. Graphenstone paints achieve a 98% whiteness, which is far better than any other natural paint manufacturer that we have ever tested!


The natural graphene fibres give the natural paints amazing properties, such as improved thermal conductivity, greater toughness, strength, flexibility and uniformity, The nano technology compound acts as a structural support mesh at the molecular level, which creates a greater durability through lower maintenance and significant savings. Graphene is 200 times as strong as structural steel, and allows the paint to flex by 20% without damage, and  Graphene offers 100 times the electrical conductivity of copper.

How does graphene paint work?

Graphenstone paint works like no other, by combining natural and organic lime together with natural graphene fibres, using a natural graphene polymer, this has created an incredible range of natural paints that are both eco friendly and tough to the elements.

Graphenstone paint review

We will shortly be adding our our Graphenstone paint reviews, as we have used this paint and love it.

Graphenstone paint price

Graphenstone paints pricing is available on our website, and varies from product to product depending on the ingredients and pigment levels needed.

Graphenstone paint stockists

We are an official Graphenstone stockist, and the first company to be selling Graphenstone paints online in the UK, which we are very proud of!

Graphenstone Certificates.

All eco certificates are available to view and download directly on the Graphenstone website.


One of the newest and most interesting breakthroughs in the real estate industry has been the invention of the Graphenstone paint. If this is the first time you're hearing of it, then you're going to be surprised that you hadn't known of it before.

With an increasing awareness of climate change, people are now opting for greener alternatives and solution, and if you are one of them, you would be pleased to know that nowadays the market is filled with a range of eco-friendly products that work similar to, and, in some cases, even better than their synthetic counterparts.

One of these products is Graphenstone paint. This paint product gained its popularity mainly because of the innovative processes involved in producing its eco-friendly, safe, and healthy formulation. In this article, we will be talking solely about Graphenstone paints and why you should definitely start considering one for your own house. Graphene coatings are showing to be a great improvement.

Is there graphene in Paints

Graphenestone paint, as hinted by the name itself, utilises some of the most interesting properties of the compound graphene to create high-quality paint. Graphene-based materials are widely used to create protective layers and coats for a range of items, and have come to be an interesting component of Graphenstone paint. Graphene offers great chemical resistance, durability, adsorption capacity, thermal stability, and strength, and it is these qualities of it that have become the essence of Graphene paint.

To explain the basis of Graphenstone paint, we’ll have to revert back to science. Graphene, as a compound, exists in layers of carbon sheets, generating a structure that is one atom thick. When this structure is oxygenated, we see graphene in another form, which is graphene oxide. Graphene in this form allows for a meshed structure that offers great structural support to the paint coats, making it more durable, resistant, and low-maintenance.

Properties of Graphene Paints

Insulation using graphene

Graphenestone paint works extremely well on internal walls, particularly in terms of insulation. The graphene in the paint entraps the heat present in the atmosphere and channels it throughout the Graphenstone-coated walls, creating a bubble of insulation. This prevents energy losses in poorly insulated buildings and keeps the internal environment cooler or warmer for longer periods of time.

Reduced Carbon Emissions from using graphene

Using Graphenstone paint in your home can minimise your building's carbon footprint and create a greener environment. The reason behind this reduced carbon emission is that graphene-based paints contain a healthy percentage of lime in their formulation which absorbs and removes excess carbon dioxide from the environment.

Moisture Control using graphene based breathable paints

Graphenstone paint offers great moisture control and helps reduce condensation and mold problems that are common to hot and humid environments. The graphene oxide structure, on exposure to water vapours, allows a controlled passage of water molecules of a certain size to pass through. So if you are wondering whether this paint is breathable, then the answer is yes.

By letting a controlled inflow and outflow of water, Graphenstone paint prevents the buildup of excess moisture within the walls. With synthetically formulated paints impermeable to water, moisture can become trapped within the walls where it can damage the building fabric and reduce performance, so it is important to purchase paints that offer considerable wall breathability.


Graphenstone paint will help you cut back on maintenance costs because it is highly durable and long-lasting. The graphene in the paint makes it highly flexible, meaning it won't crack, blister, or fall apart easily, so you won’t have to deal with frequent re-painting and renovation. In addition to this, it is also very washable and resistant to weathering conditions. The Graphene Company Graphenstone paint has great thermal stability, which enhances the building performance in a range of climate conditions.

Safer and Healthier

Graphenstone paint is made from environment-friendly, natural ingredients. This means that you won't have to risk exposure to toxic fumes and volatile organic compounds while your house is being painted. In fact, instead of reducing the indoor air quality like other conventional paints, Graphenstone paints actually purify the air by absorbing excess carbon dioxide in the environment. To add more to its merits, this paint also has some antibacterial properties, which also reduces your risk of coming into contact with germs and harmful bacteria.

Application onto a Range of Surfaces

If all these features weren’t enough to win you over, you can apply this paint to practically any surface. Graphenstone paint has an excellent adsorption capacity and forms even coats on a range of surfaces. Graphene in paints improves adhesion, which improves paint performance and its ability to adhere to surfaces. Whether it is brick, stone, concrete, plastic, wood, or metal, Graphenstone paint is applicable to all of them.

Great Coverage

Graphenstone paint also has great coverage on walls because of its very stable and consistent formulation. Walls that have been painted with Graphenstone paint show high quality and seamless decoration that appeals to the aesthetics.

Great Value for Money

You might be led to think that Graphenstone paint costs more than the average good quality paint, but that is not the case. This paint offers one of the best coverage per litre, Graphenstone paint is designed to provide premium quality coverage, amazing paint performance, ease of application, and has great strength and durability (everything we have mentioned before).

By opting for it, you end up saving a lot through fewer layers of paint and low maintenance. You also end up with a more energy-efficient environment and low risk of condensation problems, saving a great deal on that front as well.

With all these features, Graphenstone paint stands out as a high quality, safe, and eco-friendly alternative to all other petrochemical paints. What's more, is that this paint works far better than your other naturally formulated paint and paint product that might not offer significant coverage. So if you are looking for some good quality paint that is not only eco-friendly but also contributes to better indoor air quality, Graphenstone paint just might be the product you’ve been looking for all along!

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