Auro 320 Natural Wall Paint is an economical eco friendly non toxic and safe wall paint, generally used as a mist coat or for a light brighten up. Auro 320 is thinner and not as efficient as 321.  Auro 320 is an eco friendly interior paint in the UK with a lower titanium dioxide content* Auro 320 is not recommended for coverups and covering imperfections, it’s too thin.

We stocked this Auro Paint for many years before switching our main range to Graphenstone, so we thought we would give a product summary and review for those interested. We now are excited to sell Graphenstone Natural Paints instead – the worlds best certified green brand. If you bought Auro 524, Auro 321 or Auro 555 Natural Emulsion paint previously – I would now suggest the Graphenstone GCS Colour or the Grafclean Premium.


Using Auro 320 is a excellent way of just freshen up around the house with an easy use a flexible natural wall paint. It’s a great paint to use as a mist coat to seal off new plaster work. This paint is perfectly good enough for general domestic areas around the house. As with the Auro 524 Pro Washable paint, this also takes around two weeks to cure to full abrasion resistance, so if you scratch it before that time just leave it until it’s fully hardened and touch up then. Two coats are required for maximum abrasion resistance.

  • A Natural and eco friendly paint
  • Low Titanium Oxide Content
  • Auro are the only accredited carbon neutral paint company
  • Auro was voted best DIY product by Ethical Consumer Magazine and is currently one of their Best Buy products
  • Contains no animal derived ingredients
  • Auro have been operating and developing eco friendly paints for over 25 years.
  • Available in 2.5 Litres, 5 Litres and 10 Litres
  • Coverage: 9m2 per litre
*Titanium Oxide is a very common way to increase the brightness in paint as well as brightness and opacity. If you would like a much brighter finish to your walls, we would suggest having a look at the Auro 321 Natural Emulsion or the Auro 524 as they both have a higher Titanium Oxide content.
Ingredients: Mineral fillers, water, Replebin, titanium dioxide, cellulose, surfactants made of rapeseed- and castor oil, ammonia, thiazoles.
Colours: White