Giving your bathroom a makeover may not be as difficult or expensive as you fear! Nothing brightens and rejuvenates a space like a fresh coat of paint. The best part? Bathrooms are small so this is an easy weekend project that will yield immediate, stunning results!

Bathrooms are often going to be humid and prone to mould, so choose wisely when deciding on paint and consider using a natural anti-mould system that will kill existing mould before you begin and that comes with a VOC free mould-inhibiting organic paint that will keep it from growing back.

First, take down all decorations and wall hangings including towel bars, cabinet knobs and electrical outlet covers. Use painter’s tape to protect trim, and use drop cloths to protect floors, sink, tub and toilet. Before painting, make sure to use a quality primer that is appropriate for most surfaces. That way you can use it throughout your bathroom without changing cans, brushes, etc. Use it to prep walls, cabinets and trim so you’ll have a solid, blemish-free base to paint over.

Once you’re ready to start adding the fresh paint, start with the ceiling. A matte emulsion natural resin wall and ceiling paint is ideal. Start by brush painting the perimeter and then fill in the middle with a paint roller. Once the ceiling is dry, it’s safe to begin on the walls. Begin in a corner and work your way either clockwise or counterclockwise around the room. For best results, paint with up and down strokes as opposed to horizontal ones.

Wait the recommended amount of drying time—we know you’re excited, but you’ll get much better results if you can be patient! Once dry, it’s safe to reattach your hardware and hang your decorations. Roll up those drop cloths and give the floor a good cleaning. Maybe splurge on a new set of complementary coloured towels or a new shower curtain to really get a new feel in your space. The challenge now will be waiting in line to use your newly painted bathroom as the rest of the family takes their time enjoying it!