Natural Bedroom Paint & Eco Bedroom Paints

Natural Bedroom Paints for your bedroom and sleeping spaces.
If you want an easy to use, eco friendly and natural paint for your bedroom look no further than the Graphenstone Grafclean Premium. This Graphenstone VOC free paint has the best range of colours, and is super easy to apply. A gorgeous finish, and toughened with natural graphene. We love it here and I am using this paint around my house at the moment!

The bedroom is the place where we take shelter from the stresses of the outside world. It's our inner sanctum, our place to escape, to relax and to refresh ourselves. A bedroom paint scheme should help to promote rest and relaxation and be a place of comfort. With this in mind, we've prepared this handy guide to three exciting bedroom paint ideas which will help you create the atmosphere of peace and restfulness that you need.

1: Go minimal

If you want to create a peaceful, airy room with a real sense of calm, then a classic minimalist look can be really effective. To get the look, use a white or off-white paint, and accent with wooden furniture and exposed wooden features. This kind of look works incredibly well in rooms with wooden floors, exposed beams and other timber features.

Minimal looks are great for uncluttered spaces, but if you've got a lot of furniture or knick-knacks in your bedroom, you may want to consider a more eclectic style.

We recommend Graphenstone Ecosphere in its untinted white form for minimalist bedrooms, as it's emission-free, with a bio-stable base that's ideal for the room where you spend up to a third of your life.

2: Make a feature out of colour

If you like the idea of the calming, minimalist look but you don't want to be overwhelmed by colour, consider a feature element. Feature walls – one wall which is a contrasting colour to the other three – have been popular for a while, but recently the idea of a feature ceiling has been become a big deal in interior design circles. To get the look, paint three walls white, then paint the ceiling and remaining wall in a contrasting colour of your choice. The effect is great for softening a boxy room and opening up the space, and provides a great backdrop for designer furniture.

Feature walls and ceilings are a great way to get the airy feel of a minimalist room with a colourful, energising twist. We recommend Graphenstone GCS Interior, which can be tinted with a huge variety of colours to give you the exact accent shade you're looking for.

3: Listen to your body

Bedroom paint ideasStudies into human reactions to different colours show a strong correlation between certain shades and a great night's sleep. The strongest effect seems to come from a deep crimson red, which matches the colour you see when your eyes are closed. This can be a great solution if you suffer from insomnia. Researchers hypothesise that this colour works so well because it tricks the brain into thinking your eyes are closed, even when they aren't sending signals to the brain that help you drop off.

Darker colours like reds and browns have a relaxing effect, but if you're after a more energising feel that will help to get you out of bed in the morning, why not consider a warming orange-yellow? Yellow shades reflect the morning sun, and turn your bedroom into a bright, sun-filled space that's ideal for those who need a little extra get-up-and-go. While you may think blue is a cold colour, when paired with white furniture it can create an inspiring, airy feel.

Natural and Eco friendly bedroom paint

The bedroom is arguably one of the most important rooms in a household for a number of obvious reasons. Not only do you sleep within the comfort of its four walls, but also spend a great deal of time reading, listening to music, watching television show and so on. Because you're going to be spending a lot of your time in this room, it would be a great idea to make it into a place of comfort and ease for yourself.

A great way to alter the mood and impact of a room is to paint it. Here, we aren't just talking about any paint, but actually natural and eco-friendly paint. Conventional paint in the market is packed with loads of harmful chemicals and compounds that are damaging to both the environment and human health. So, when it comes to paint, it is best to go with natural and eco-friendly paints to create a cleaner and safer environment in your home.

What colours should I paint my bedroom?

As we’ve already said, paint can drastically change the mood of the room. You can work with different colours, shades, and accents of paint to create the room of your dreams. Below we have listed some popular picks when it comes to bedroom colours and their impact on the mood.

Blue bedroom paint – painting with blue tones

You’ve probably seen plenty of bedrooms painted in tones of blue, but have you ever wondered why the colour appeals to the householder so much? This is because the colour blue has a wonderfully relaxing and calming effect on the human mind and body. It is known to lower blood pressure, breathing rate, and heart rate to healthier levels. In addition to this, it adds a touch of tranquility to the room through its lighter hues. While it is a very appealing colour, it might accentuate the feeling of winter chills. We advise furnishing the room with fabrics and furniture that create a sense of warmth and coziness to balance out the colour. While lighter shades of blue have a soothing effect, darker shades can make the room seem either lonely or royal, depending on how you furnish it.

Green bedroom paint – painting with Green tones

Green is another colour that catches the attention, and rightly so. It is reflective of nature and draws on it to create a refreshing environment that sits well with the occupants of the room. The colour brings about a sense of calm and is almost therapeutic (a little like how nature can be). It is said to reduce stress levels in humans, encourage bonding, and liven up the mood – making it an excellent choice for bedrooms.

Yellow bedroom paint – painting with yellow tones

Yellow is more or less known as the colour of summer, and so of course it brings with it a great deal of warmth and that summertime freshness. Painting the bedroom in shades or schemes of yellow can uplift the mood of the room drastically. It has an energising effect, it is welcoming, and livens up the indoors effortlessly. If you're looking for that feeling of spaciousness, inspiration, and energy from your room, you could never go wrong with yellow. 

Red bedroom paint – painting with Red tones

One of the most intense, passionate, and profound colours on the palette, red colour is a very bold and brave choice when it comes to bedrooms (and often a good one). This colour is associated with that adrenaline rush, excitement, risk, adventure and so much more. It is also a fine choice when it comes to the lounge and dining rooms because it seems to create an environment that beckons conversation and confession. Different shades of red with smart lighting can also add a certain amount of depth, luxury, and richness to the room. 

Purple bedroom paint – painting with purple tones

This is a colour that has chic, dramatic, and luxury written all over it. You'd find it in more subtle shades, like lilac, or lavender, but sometimes an accent wall in deep purple. Depending on the shades you ultimately decide to go with, purple can be bright and friendly, or dark and mysterious. 

Neutral Colour bedroom paint – painting with Neutral Colours and tones

If you know your paint well, you would realise the importance of neutral colours in the house. Hues of black, gray, white, and beige can seem pretty plain and boring, but they can actually end up enhancing the room by giving you the flexibility to switch things up every now and then. You can add a diversity of colours through your bedroom curtains, sheets, and furniture fabric, or even tone them down by going with a more basic setting. It is entirely up to you and how you feel like your room should be.

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