Natural Clinker and Brick Oil, eco friendly and non toxic for protecting of cotto and clinker.

For interior and exterior use
Roller or brush application
Water- and dirt-repellent

We stocked this Auro Paint for many years before switching our main range to Graphenstone, so we thought we would give a product summary and review for those interested. We now are excited to sell Graphenstone Natural Paints instead – the worlds best certified green brand. If you bought Auro 524, Auro 321 or Auro 555 Natural Emulsion paint previously – I would now suggest the Graphenstone GCS Colour or the Grafclean Premium.


Auro 114 Natural Brick and Clinker Oil is an eco friendly and non toxic oil specially formulated for the protection of cotto and clinker tiles and bricks. This exceptional, 100% natural oil is suitable for all open pored priming and the surface treatment of clinker, stone, bricks, cotto tiles and unglazed clay tiles, both inside and outside.

If you’re after a natural brick oil, Auro 114 Natural Brick and Clinker Oil provides an excellent dirt and water resistant breathable option. Finished to provide a ‘fired up’ effect that enhances the natural colour of your brick and stone, this is the ideal way to create a beautiful and rustic look.

Auro 114 Natural Brick and Clinker Oil also impregnates and hardens slightly sandy base surfaces

  • Creates a beautiful and breathable rustic look
  • Natural and eco friendly
  • Easy to work and very economical
  • Water and dirt repellant
  • Breathable
  • For exterior and interior
  • 20 Square Metres per litre coverage
  • Easy to apply with brush, roller or spray.
  • Tested according to DIN EN 71, part 3, safety of toys, and DIN 53160, resistant to saliva and perspiration
  • As sole treatment for clinker, stone and Cotto panels for inside and outside
  • As primer for absorptive surfaces for secondary treatment with oil or wax products
  • As primer for mineral substrates for secondary treatment with Auro Facade Paint no. 323