Non toxic kitchen degreaser spray and friendly kitchen surface cleaner.

651 Kitchen Degreaser is an all- alternative to conventional kitchen degreaser sprays, and offers the fantastic cleaning performance you need without chemical emissions. This non toxic kitchen degreaser spray makes the ideal friendly kitchen surface cleaner, and is always at hand for everyday kitchen cleaning tasks.

We stocked this Auro Paint for many years before switching our main range to Graphenstone, so we thought we would give a product summary and review for those interested. We now are excited to sell Graphenstone Natural Paints instead – the worlds best certified green brand. If you bought Auro 524, Auro 321 or Auro 555 Natural Emulsion paint previously – I would now suggest the Graphenstone GCS Colour or the Grafclean Premium.


The accumulation of dirt, grease, oil, and layers of smoke are very common problems in almost every household, especially in kitchens. Over time, regular use of different types of ingredients, oils, and foods leaves stains on kitchen appliances. Most homes turn to chemical sprays to deal with the greasy tide, but 651 offers an organic, conscious alternative to chemical sprays, allowing you to keep your surfaces clean without costing the earth.

From the incredible array of natural cleaners, the 651 Kitchen Degreaser effectively removes greasy films or sediments on ovens, exhaust hoods, and work surfaces, while also eliminating unpleasant odours. In a 500ml spray, this is an indispensable household ally in the fight against grime.

Ingredients: water, alcohol, glycerine, sugar surfactant , coconut fat, potash (as potassium soap), castor oil, citric acid, citrate, orange oil, xanthane, lemon oil, and lemon grass terpene. All raw ingredients without toxic petrochemicals, acrylics, or alkyd resins.