We offer you a premium selection of the natural wood paints and multi surface natural paints. Simple no fuss interior and exterior and interior natural paints for wood, metal or other surfaces.

Graphenstone GrafClean Eggshell is very versatile multi surface natural paint and when you use the Four2Four Natural primer. You can paint on almost any surface after the primer, very wipeable and great for high traffic areas. Suitable for all walls and ceilings, primed wood, metal, MDF and other boards (when using the Four2Four Primer).

Once primed with Four2Four you can even paint it on smooth and non-porous surfaces such as ceramics, polyurethane or epoxy paints, plasticised panels, etc. Please be aware that as it’s a gorgeous semi-matte it will pick up dirt a little faster and reflect less UV than a high gloss paint. We love Graphenstone paint!

Nothing but the best natural products. Their natural wood paints are no exception, as these too are jam-packed with natural brilliance: ingredients from nature. These environmental products will provide your home with stunning colours, all the while making your precious home a safe place to breathe in. Only these will fill your needs for the best colours, and eco-friendly paints!

You’ll be purchasing products that will give your home a vibrant, one-of-a-kind glow. Some of these products are water-repellant, and provide the strongest finish, shielding your wooden surfaces from wear and tear. With these beautiful colours, you have an impressive assortment of colours to choose from. Your family won’t be able to recognise the weary kitchen  once you’re done, but hey, it’ll be better than ever!

These products are safe to use around children and their playing areas. You can even use several of these natural wood paints to spruce up your garden. These products are solvent-free, meaning they don’t contain the usual poisonous toxins found in the usual products.

You’ve got incredible products in a lineup of primers, gloss paints and water-based wood stains! Give your wooden floors the lift they need with this line of natural wood paints.

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