Natural Paint

Natural, eco friendly, safe and non toxic paints for your home.

No more chemicals leaching into the air, creating a safer environment for you and your family – helping your family breathe in a cleaner & safer home.

What do you need?

Top selling natural paints

A quick guide of our bestselling natural paints

We’re super exited to share with you this range of gorgeous natural wall paints suitable for all areas of your house. These are modern, efficient, plastic free and hard wearing breathable paints, rivalling the best ‘chemical paints’ on the market but these tick all the eco, sustainability and natural credentials. Graphenstone paint is the most certified green paint company, no one else comes close which is why we have chosen to only stock this brand going forward. We have stocked many other brands of natural paints over the years but these are now the very best we have ever used, especially the air purifying paints.  I use these vegan paints in my own family home! Not only are some of these paints made from organic minerals, the natural wood paint is great for painting a cot, as well as the wall paints suitable for painting a nursery.
There is now no need to use conventional high VOC paints that leach chemicals into the air for several years after you have painted your walls, make the world a cleaner place by choosing natural paints for your breathing spaces.

✅ RecommendationGrafclean Premium Interior Wall Paint
This is 95% of customers. Standard walls, either already painted, badly painted, needing new paint, bare plaster, repaired plaster, or just in need of a repaint and not really sure what type they are! If this is you, then just choose the Grafclean Premium Interior Natural Emulsion Paint. This is what I needed, and I use Grafclean Premium throughout my home and literally nothing else.
Modern Mineral Hybrid Natural Paint for Interior Walls & Ceilings.
Beautiful, Hard Wearing Colours:  VIEW COLOUR CHART
Order The Hand painted Colour Chart here.
VOC FREE, Natural, Breathable, Vegan, Washable & Hard Wearing.
Great for repainting & covering. Flexible Matt Finish.
Impressive Coverage: 10-16m2 per litre
STAFF CHOICE! Why? Literally the only paint you need!
No primer needed for most surfaces, just water thin if you do.
Water thin 20% to use as mist coat on new gypsum or lime plaster.

Graphenstone GrafClean Midsheen / Eggshell  is very versatile multi surface natural paint for both walls and other surfaces such as wood and trim.
When painting on anything other than walls, you’ll need the Four2Four Natural primerYou can paint on almost any surface after the primer, very wipeable and great for high traffic areas. Suitable for all walls and ceilings, primed wood, metal, MDF and other boards (when using the Four2Four Primer). Once primed with Four2Four you can even paint it on smooth and non-porous surfaces such as ceramicspolyurethane or epoxy paints, plasticised panels, etc.
Breathable Paint
Beautiful, Hard Wearing Colours:  VIEW COLOUR CHART
Order The Hand painted Colour Chart here.
Good hiding power
Washable, wipeable and resistant
Tough and long lasting colour
Free of VOC emissions.
Surfaces once primed (with this primer) can be: Metal, Wood, MDF, ceramics, polyurethane or epoxy paints, plasticised panels
Suitable for Metal, Wood, MDF and lots of difficult surfaces with the primer.
Grafclean Premium‘is Certified “Toy Safe” & “Baby Safe” to EN 71-3:2019 -and EN 71-3:2013 + A3:2018

If you have a home like this chances are you know what interior wall paint you are looking for. Although almost always you can use just the standard Grafclean Premium as above, you might be interested in the Heritage range of paints, which are a bit more classic for what you need. Graphenstone GCS Interior is a great choice here. We also have the natural exterior wall paint if you require.
A classic, breathable matt for heritage / listed properties
Ultra Matt finish for Lime plasters
View hand painted colour chart
Lime-silicate blend colour paint for interiors
Flat Matt – Rich natural finish
Traditional – Natural lime and silicate paint
Breathable – Reduces condensation and allows walls to breathe
Durable –Wet scrub resistant: class 1
Healthy – Free of VOC’s and harmful toxins
Colourfast– Uses strong exterior pigments

This is a very specific choice, and for people that have lime based walls and plaster work, or just know how to use and specifically want lime, or a lime wash style paint. Here, the best choice is the Ecosphere paint, which is available in white and an array of some of the lighter shades of the colour range.
The highest quality natural lime paint for Interiors, highly breathable paint, absorbs CO2,
In white and 14 pastel colours
Natural, Safe & Chemical Free
VEGAN & VOC free!
White is MI & Thiazole free
Cradle to Cradle GOLD standard, which is as good as it gets
MASSIVE CO2 ABSORPTION! Three 15L tubs of this breathable paint absorbs as much CO2 from the air as a fully grown tree does in a year!

Finally, if you just want the very cheapest option for large scale painting, then Nevada Pro is a great solution. It’s not as good as the Grafclean Premium, nor available in colours, but it is good if all you want to do is use it as a primer, or a quick cleanup of old white walls that just need a freshen.
100% natural and sustainable materials
Zero toxins, plastics or petrochemicals
VOC free (<0.01%/L)
All mineral bases inert as waste material
Preservative & chemical free – no MIT/BIT Breathable – Class 1 – Sd < 0.14
Class 1 Wet Scrub – EN 13300
High yield – up to 16m2/L
Economical Contract Matt

NEW: We now have a great range of natural wood finishes, such as natural wood paints, natural wood varnish and lacquer, and natural wood stain.

Natural Paint for your home

We are fast offering the UK a great selection of non toxic and eco friendly paints to replace the current and standard paints. These new natural paints are Eco friend and only made of safe natural ingredients, all 'recipes' are included and you can see exactly what raw materials have been used created these excellent new paints. Switch to all natural today! Our choice of natural paint is the answer to increasing demands to be green and protect the environment. Made from natural ingredients like lime, chalk, clay and natural earth and mineral dyes, our line of natural paint contains no chemicals or harsh volatile organic compounds (VOCs). The paints are either VOC free of minimal VOC free paints. Because our paint is natural and uses natural pigments there is no need to worry about the health hazards that are often associated with standard conventional paints such as headaches, nausea and allergic reactions.

Natural paints for better environmental footprint

You’ll also be reducing your impact on the environment and becoming more carbon neutral and doing your part to preserve the depleting ozone layer. The natural paint for interior and exterior walls and ceilings includes products like resin and plant based wall paint that is perfectly safe for indoor use and washable wall paint that can be easily cleaned once dry making it ideal for public areas and spots in your home that are prone to messes such as kitchens and bathrooms. Available in a huge array water based, lime based and plant based range of colours, these great top selling paints are produced using green processes and environmentally friendly ingredients that will keep you and the environment safe. In addition to being extremely durable, our eco paints and natural paint is so safe any excess can actually be composted. Make the smart, sustainable decision and go green with amazing range of natural paint products made with a sustainable production process. We can colour match any paint you send us, if you let us know in advance we can tint to anything from the NCS colour palette.

We have a natural paint for you whatever you're painting

When it's time to give your home a makeover, you'll find the perfect allies in our paints and primers. With a wide variety of cool, refreshing colours, you’ve got the perfect tools in giving your home a new look. Natural paints and primers are eco-friendly, enabling you to create not just a colourful environment, but a healthy environment as well. These easy-to-work-with products are organic, created with many of nature’s unrivalled ingredients. With interior paints, primers, wall paints and chalk paints, you’d be hard pressed to find a better selection elsewhere. Bring your living rooms to life.

A beautiful range of natural paint colours

When you purchase one of these natural paints, you give yourself the opportunity to choose from colours that look beautiful. You’ll be well on your way to giving your home an unparalleled, magical sparkle that will dazzle your family and friends! Not only that, but you’ll be choosing products that will give your surfaces hearty, formidable protecting. Are there areas in your home with high traffic? No need to worry; once you’ve given your home a makeover with natural paints and primers, your precious kitchen walls, bathroom walls and living room area will have the perfect bodyguard against high traffic.

Whatever hero you choose, you won’t go wrong with natural environmentally aware, naturally colourful products!

Natural Paint Suppliers in the UK

As one of the UK’s Natural paint suppliers we make it our duty to bring you, the environmentally concerned consumer, organic and natural paints that have minimal impact on the environment with the added bonus of being non-toxic to both humans and animals.

But how do you know if the product being advertised as organic and natural is the real deal? There are a couple things you can look for to ensure you’re getting the eco friendly product you are paying good money for.

First off, a truly natural paint supply company will have no problem showing you a list of ingredients that go into their products. If ingredient lists are hidden, it’s a pretty good bet that non natural and organic ingredients are also hidden inside the product you believed to be green! Those companies that offer natural paint supplies along with readily available ingredient lists are generally legit.

Finally, do some research on the natural paint suppliers to see how they manufacture their products. Some labels will falsely state they are organic when in fact they may just have reduced volatile organic compound (VOC) concentrations.

Look for a zero – VOC natural paint supplier who is being conscious of their impact on the environment from harvest to packaging. Purchasing your natural paint supplies shouldn’t have to be a chore. Just use common sense and make sure you’re well informed.

Why is using natural paint the better choice over conventional paints?

When it comes to paint there are basic consideration or guidelines determining the choice of particular brand. Multiple standards and conflicting modes of certification play a major role in conforming that the paint in question is indeed safe.

Though many do not pay much attention to ingredients making up the paint, its highly advisable to know whether a given paint may have drawbacks that would prove to be harmful. Once standard paint has been applied on walls and furniture it continues on a low-level emission state of toxins referred to as volatile organic compounds (VOCs). Fortunately, we have natural and organic paints that are Eco friendly, natural paints are an advisable alternative to the normal paints as they do not exhibit toxins offering a perfect substitute to users especially those suffering from chronic illness or high sensitivity to chemical products.

Some of the benefits of the natural paints include: environmental benefits, since there are no toxins the product cannot contaminate water supply, cause imbalance to our soil or deplete the ozone: the leftover paint is also easy to dispose and no need to call any hazardous waste disposal agency: health benefits in form of injury or disease associated with toxins emitted from normal paints is completely avoided: despite this paint having no toxins it is also confirmed to be more effective and durable than the normal paint. The application of this paint is much easier and maintains a high level of hygiene.

When buying natural or non-toxic paints one should ensure that the ingredients list contains only natural pigments, or milk proteins, or plant dyes & essential oils. Chemical colour tints in normal paints are the causes of the emissions or VOCs content.

Some of the drawbacks of non-toxic paints include availability natural paints may not be easy to find, difficulty in matching, non-toxic paints may not come in the same variety of colours as offered by standard paints. Natural paint due to high quality and demand makes it more expensive than normal paint. Most of the drawbacks lie on availability and finding a good manufacturer, this problems once addressed to the correct trusted brand retailers are easily solved.

Non-toxic paint is way better than normal or standard paint. For healthy life and for the sake of the environment it makes more sense to make use of the natural paint that is free of toxic chemicals and as proved more durable and effective.

Why Using Natural Paint Is Growing In Popularity in the UK

Many people in the United Kingdom have been changing their ways and turning to natural paint for use inside as well as outside. There are many reasons why natural paint is becoming more popular, as you can imagine. People have decided that they would rather breathe fresh air rather than harsh paint fumes, which in some instances, can be carcinogenic or even trigger asthma. Other people just want to do what they can to help the environment and use products that come from the earth. Finally, families with children may choose to use natural paints in their homes to protect their children.

What’s great about natural paints is that they are coloured with pigments from the earth rather than composed of chemicals. Because these paints lack harsh chemicals, they are safer when inhaled. Most of them are even low-odour, so instead of smelling paint fumes, you’ll be smelling fresh, clean air. You won’t have to worry about damage to your lungs from inhaling fumes. These paints are also eco-friendly and can be disposed of easily without contaminating the earth. Finally, if you use one of these natural paints in your home and your child should chew the item you painted or even consume a paint chip, you will not have to worry about them ingesting toxins in the same way as conventional paint, as these paints are composed of all natural ingredients.

People in the UK have turned to natural paint to colour their worlds and for many good reasons. At the end of the day, painting should be a fun way to express yourself and shouldn’t be something to worry about, especially when it comes to your health. Choose natural paint to make the world a better place and the air a little fresher!

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