Natural softwood lye for wooden floors.

Roller or brush application
For interior use

Auro 401 Natural Softwood Lye for wooden floors is the perfect way to create and maintain a light-coloured, Scandinavian-style wooden floor. This natural lye with a slightly white pigmentation is designed for new, sanded, and solid coniferous interior wood. It imparts an open-pored, completely moisture vapour-permeable finish with a very light-coloured and natural look.

This high quality lye is best applied with a brush, wide paint brush, or foam roller, and followed up with a treatment of Auro 403 or Auro 404 Wood Soaps. A top quality eco friendly and natural softwood lye, Auro 401 Natural Softwood Lye is the perfect all atural approach for getting a beautiful finish.

Highly recommended for use on low-traffic rooms like bedrooms or guest rooms as the product is only slightly dirt-repellent.

Due to the product’s alkaline state, colour changes of the treated wood surfaces occur, which may differ even for the same kind of wood and therefore should be determined by preliminary tests on the object. It is best applied using alkali-resistant paint brushes, area spreaders, or foam plastic rollers.

Supplied ready to use in 2L container

Coverage: 20m2 / L

Composed of water, calcium hydroxide, titanium dioxide, potassium lye, titanium dioxide, and cellulose ether, the product dries whitish-transparent.

  • Suitable for new non-yellowed or ground down to non-yellowed layers solid coniferous wood indoors; unsuitable for hardwood and cross-grained wood (for example, wooden pavement
  • The substrate must be firm, dry, absorbent, clean, grease-free, and free from breaking-through ingredients
  • Allow to dry thoroughly, thereby ensuring adequate circulation of air; walk on treated floors only after allowing them to dry completely