Natural Glue – Non Toxic & Eco Friendly Glue for Interior Use – Auro 380

Natural Glue – Non Toxic & Eco Friendly Glue for Interior Use – Auro 380

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Auro Paint UKNatural Adhesive for floors

Universal natural adhesive glue made of natural latex milk and natural resins for versatile applications inside: bonding of linoleum, cork, textile floor coverings, natural fibre carpets, ceramic tiles in dry areas, natural stone tiles and Solnhof tiles.

  • For ceramic tiles, cork, linoleum
  • Easy to use, toothed spatula application
  • Ready for use



Apply evenly to the entire surface with a toothed spatula. Embed material to be bonded, e.g. ceramic tiles, cork, linoleum, press down the entire surface, smooth over, treat by roller, and rework again after 20-30 minutes.


  • The glue is also suited for glueing natural fibre carpeting with jute or natural latex backing.
  • Remove excessive adhesive and adhesive stains before drying commences, using water; if necessary, add a little Plant Soap No. 411.
  • Cleaning of tools: Press product residues out of tools immediately after use and wash thoroughly with water, if necessary adding AURO Plant soap No. 411.

Natural glue for interior decoration.

Auro 380 Natural Universal Adhesive is an eco friendly and non toxic household DIY glue designed for all kinds of applications around the home. From installing tiles to fitting bathroom fixtures, this all natural glue is the ultimate addition to any environmentally-conscious toolbox.

This eco-friendly adhesive is suitable for projects that require internal bonding. Suitable for unsealed cork materials, whether sheet or roll bulk. This natural adhesive can also be applied to natural fibre carpets with jute and natural latex backing. Also suitable for linoleum, this natural latex milk and natural resin dispersion adhesive will help you create a strong bond without harsh chemical emissions.

Applying Auro 380 Natural Universal Adhesive is simple. First, make sure your room is dry and tempered ready for application. Your covering materials and utensils should be at a minimum temperature of 18 degrees Celsius for optimum performance. Stir your natural adhesive well before applying it to your tiles, and also during application.

Unless you mean to use this natural adhesive as a primer, please do not thin it with water, as you will limit its ability to form a strong bond. The glue dries in 20 minutes, so apply as you go rather than laying a whole floor at once. Please note that this product is not suitable for floors in wet areas.

This natural latex, milk and natural resin dispersion adhesive has a white shade when wet, but dries to a light grey shade.

Please see the linked data sheet for information regarding allergies before using this product.

Download: Technical Data Sheet

This AURO product has trace (0.01-0.02%): amounts of MIT




Further details: AURO Natural Resin Universal Adhesive No. 380

A Sustainable, Versatile, and High-Performing Adhesive for Your Home Projects

Discover the perfect harmony between performance and sustainability with AURO Natural Resin Universal Adhesive No. 380. This solvent-free, low-emission adhesive combines the best of nature and cutting-edge technology to provide a reliable and eco-friendly bonding solution for a wide range of interior applications.

Key Features:

AURO Natural Resin Universal Adhesive No. 380 is a solvent-free, very low-emissions dispersion adhesive made from natural rubber and natural resin. It offers strong, durable adhesion while complying with the requirements regarding emissions according to the German Committee for Health Evaluation of Construction Products (AgBB), the requirements of the class A+ of the French VOC regulations, and the product code GISCode D1 for solvent-free dispersion-based adhesives.

Versatile Interior Applications

AURO Natural Resin Universal Adhesive No. 380 is designed for bonding various floorings and tiles in interior applications, including:

  1. Unsealed cork materials (not coated on the rear side)
  2. Linoleum on jute
  3. Linoleum-cork composite materials
  4. Cork composite and cork felt board
  5. Textile floor coverings (tiles and roll bulk)
  6. Natural fibre carpets with jute and natural latex backing
  7. Ceramic tiles laid by the thin bed method
  8. Tiles, boards, natural stone tiles, and Solnhofer boards

Please note that this adhesive is not suitable for directly wet areas (e.g., showers) or on old coatings (e.g., tile on tile).

Compatibility with Warm Water Floor Heating

AURO Natural Resin Universal Adhesive No. 380 is compatible with warm water floor heating systems. To ensure optimal results, follow the guidelines provided by the heating system’s producer. Switch off the heating 24 hours prior to applying the adhesive, and switch it on gradually 72 hours after application, adjusting the water passage to rise 5 °C per day, with a maximum temperature of 30 °C.

Technical Properties and Application

AURO Natural Resin Universal Adhesive No. 380 offers the following technical properties:

  1. White when liquid, light grey after drying
  2. Drying time in standard climate (20 °C, 50% relative humidity): Airing time varies depending on the material; laying time max. 20 minutes; load-bearing after 48 hours; final adhesive power after 72 hours
  3. Viscosity: Pasty
  4. Thinner: Do not dilute if used as adhesive; as carpet fixing, thin up to 1:1 with water; as primer, thin up to 1:2 with water

The adhesive must be stirred well before and during application, and the room must be dry and tempered. The covering materials and utensils should have a minimum temperature of 18 °C. Best application temperature is between 18-22 °C, with 45-55% relative air humidity.

Conclusion: Embrace the power of nature with AURO Natural Resin Universal Adhesive No. 380, a versatile, eco-friendly, and high-performing adhesive solution for your home projects. Say goodbye to synthetic adhesives and welcome a sustainable and reliable bonding solution that truly respects the environment and your well-being. Make the switch to AURO Natural Resin Universal Adhesive No. 380 today and experience the difference.



Water, mineral fillers, natural latex, colophony glycerol ester, linseed oil, milk casein, cellulose, swelling clays, potash, benzisothiazolinone, sodium pyrithione. See the current full declaration on

Not Vegan, as it contains milk casein.

Health and Environmental Benefits

Clean Indoor Air Quality

One of the main advantages of using AURO Natural Resin Universal Adhesive No. 380 is its positive impact on indoor air quality. Traditional synthetic adhesives often contain volatile organic compounds (VOCs) that can contribute to poor air quality, which may lead to various health issues. In contrast, AURO No. 380 is a very low-emission adhesive that meets the highest standards for air quality, ensuring a healthier environment for you and your family.

Eco-Friendly and Sustainable

AURO Natural Resin Universal Adhesive No. 380 is an eco-friendly choice that contributes to a greener world. Made from renewable resources, such as natural rubber and natural resin, it’s a sustainable alternative to conventional adhesives, which often rely on non-renewable, petroleum-based materials. By choosing AURO No. 380, you support sustainable manufacturing practices and reduce your ecological footprint.

Easy Application and Cleanup Process

Simple Application Process

AURO Natural Resin Universal Adhesive No. 380 boasts a user-friendly application process. It’s essential to stir the adhesive well before and during application and ensure a dry, tempered room. Follow the specific instructions for each type of material (e.g., cork, linoleum, textile coverings, or tiles) to achieve the best results.

Effortless Cleanup:

Cleaning your tools after using AURO Natural Resin Universal Adhesive No. 380 is a breeze. Simply clean your work utensils with water immediately after use, adding some AURO Plant Soap No. 411 if necessary. This easy cleanup process saves you time and effort, allowing you to focus on enjoying the results of your home improvement project.

Safe Storage and Disposal

Proper Storage

To store AURO Natural Resin Universal Adhesive No. 380, keep it in a cool, frost-free, dry area out of reach of children, in its original closed container. After opening, clean the lid and the edge of the container, then cover with a bit of AURO Thinner No. 191 before closing. The adhesive has a storage stability of 12 months, ensuring a reliable product even for future projects.

Environmentally-Friendly Disposal

Dried product residues or residues hardened with cement can be disposed of as construction or household waste. Empty, clean containers can be recycled. For liquid residues, follow the EWC code 080416 and dispose of according to the valid regulations.


AURO Natural Resin Universal Adhesive No. 380 is not only an effective and versatile adhesive but also a healthier, eco-friendly, and user-friendly option for your home projects. With its numerous benefits, including clean indoor air quality, sustainable manufacturing, easy application, and environmentally-friendly disposal, there’s no better choice for bonding various materials in your home. Choose AURO Natural Resin Universal Adhesive No. 380 and contribute to a greener, healthier world while achieving outstanding results for your interior applications.

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