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An independent, family owned business.

This company is my way of pushing the awareness of better indoor air quality, something that I am personally passionate about due to my own children’s breathing medical conditions.

I just couldn’t paint with big brand standard petrochemical chemically laden paint paint any longer and wanted another solution.

These products are what I choose to paint my house with, and I advise you to do the same!

If you’re not prepared to just put up with the big brand lies, there are choices available to you, and that’s why you’re here.

We have hand picked top range of natural house paints that tick as many as these boxes as possible; eco paint, environmentally friendly paints, sustainably produced paint, zero VOC paintvegan paintorganic paintsnatural paints and Non Toxic Paint, which are a great example of safe and breathable paint available to buy online today, with next working day delivery if required. Now offering anti mould paints and anti mold sprays and a beautiful range of natural nursery paint.
We are a Graphenstone Natural Paint & Auro Paint Specialist

Not just wall paints, now natural wood finishes too

We now have a great range of natural wood finishes, such as natural wood paintsnatural wood varnish and lacquernatural floor finishes and natural wood stain. We also now have natural wood oils as well as natural furniture and decking oils. We have also recently added a selection of natural chalk paint and also natural clay paints! From plant based to mineral natural paints and natural lime paint, and we’ve tried most of the paints on the market too!


View natural paint colours

Why should you care?

Naturally caring about our indoor air quality using air purifying paints is the future.

Caring about our indoor air quality is something we all should be doing to help protect ourselves and our family, reducing the VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds) and chemicals that surround us in daily life.

Chemicals leaching from house paints and synthetic materials are a triggering cause of all kinds of medical conditions, from asthma, breathing difficulties to chemical intolerances. If you’re not prepared to just put up with the big brand lies, there are choices available to you, and that’s why you’re here.

This is not hippy-dippy stuff, this is professional quality paint, created over the last 30 years by natural paint specialists. Supplied to pro decorators and well as to the public for a long time, we provide the best paints available for a natural, eco friendly and sustainable choice.

Choose Natural: Educate & Inform

Our aims are to try and educate and inform, both the individual home decorator through to the largest business that switching your everyday interior and exterior paints from toxic petrochemical nasties to low and zero VOC paint as well as other family safe eco alternatives as they are a better and sustainable solution.

Natural paint is just as easy to work with, as well as just as hard wearing and efficient. Do the right thing for yourself, your home and your family, as well as helping to create a more sustainable & environmentally aware solution to a global problem.

View our great range of natural Paints, featuring all the best natural interior emulsion paintsnatural exterior house paintnatural wood paint.

Awareness of the products you’re using

In this day and age it is important to have a heightened awareness of the products you’re using and what impact they are having on your family and on the environment. You not only have to watch your carbon footprint, but also consider the harmful effects of chemicals on your loved ones. Some chemicals found in the paints that aren’t considered organic paint or natural paint can be toxic if ingested by children or pets. The vapours of paint, even when dry, can irritate the lungs triggering asthma or allergies. As for the environment, harsh chemicals and poor manufacturing processes are having a negative impact on the environment and leaving CO2 footprints that are much too large. Check out our range of zero VOC paint, as well as our suggested natural paint for painting your nursery, kids rooms or even painting a cot.

Healthier solution for you

We sell organic paint and natural paint that is helping to be a healthier solution for you, your family, your pets and the earth. By being dedicated to the environment, using natural ingredients, utilising water bases, and being produced by eco-friendly factories, our organic paint and natural paint selection will not only look beautiful and serve your purpose, but it will give you the peace of mind that being green brings as well. We bring you the very best in organic paint and natural paint products available for purchase in the UK, with amazing colours and finished available, choose the green option today and make a difference. 100% Natural products are the future of modern paint materials. We have a great selection of natural kitchen paint, as well as natural bathroom paint that is washable and tough.