Where can I buy chalk paint online? Chalk paint is a wonderfully diverse and useful paint that is based off of lime.  Its versatility allows it to be used in or on almost any objects.  Indoors, outdoors, on furniture, on walls—you can use it anywhere!  Its best feature is its simplicity and ease of use.  No priming necessary.  And due to its organic make-up, it’s naturally VOC (Volatile Organic Compound) free and thus safe for use around you and your family as well as the environment.

Chalk paint can be thinned with water to create weathered looking washes for antique furniture or you can leave the lid off for a bit to thicken it up.  You can use all-natural lime based tints to create a custom colour palette or leave it in its natural colour state of off-white.  Be aware chalk paint can look transparent when you’re painting with it, but it will dry white.  Chalk paint is ideal for allowing walls to breathe, so feel free to use this on cottage walls, historic restorations, or modern buildings.  It will adhere to almost anything and can even be applied over old vinyl emulsions—simply give them a good sanding first to rough up the surface and give the chalk paint something to adhere to.

You may have to do some searching to find chalk paint in your local hardware stores, but you can always buy chalk paint online through us The Organic and Natural Paint Company.  While you could make chalk paint at home, it is best to use a specifically formulated and tested brand.  This line of organic and natural paints is sure to include a product for every painting project you could imagine.

Buy chalk paint online and start experimenting with its many uses.

If utilising this breathable and eco-friendly paint for furniture and restoration projects, a can will last you a long time.  It is easy to use and although it may show brush strokes when being applied, they should fade away as it dries.  If you are left with faint brush strokes, you can always buff them out once dry.  Working with chalk paint is so simple, you may find yourself repainting everything in your home.

Make the switch to chalk paint today!