Hey, I’m Chris!


Hi! I’m Chris,  the founder of The Organic & Natural Paint Co, and I’m focused on the education and promotion of natural non toxic alternatives to chemical laden everyday products that we just take for granted. We have a choice, and I want to raise awareness of alternative products that don’t actually harm us!

I started this company back in 2012 (well it was more of just a blog back then!) as my way of pushing the awareness of better indoor air quality which is something that I am personally passionate about due to genetic breathing issues in our family. I just couldn’t paint with big brand standard petrochemical chemically laden paint paint any longer and wanted another solution.

I have tried (and continue to try) almost all of the ‘natural’ paints on the market, and research each one to the nth degree (with scientific help)  until I can find the full ingredients list – and boy oh boy there are some cowboys out there, claiming to be ‘natural’ this and ‘eco’ that. I still can’t get over quite how many companies there are out there that are quite happy pulling the wool over people’s eyes, without any qualms about the ethics of lies. I just don’t tolerate this, when there are people’s health at risk.

Caring about our indoor air quality is something we all should be doing to help protect ourselves and our families, reducing the VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds) and chemicals that surround us in daily life. Chemicals leaching from house paints and synthetic materials are a triggering cause of all kinds of medical conditions, from asthma, breathing difficulties to chemical intolerances. If you’re not prepared to just put up with the big brand lies, there are choices available to you, and that’s why you’re here.

Our aims are to try and educate and inform, both the individual home decorator through to the largest business that switching your everyday interior and exterior paints from toxic petrochemical nasties to low and zero VOC paint as well as other family safe eco alternatives as they are a better and sustainable solution.

Fundamentally I’m just trying to move even just a few people away from chemical products, and introduce them to a range of products that can dramatically increase the air quality in their home, which can help reduce so many health issues that are common these days.

I personally painted and finished my entire home in these paints, and love using them – I’m thankful to have less chemicals around the people I care for the most, my wonderful wife, and my 3 boys!

Thank you for reading this far. Get in touch, I want to hear from you!