Natural Interior Wall Paint – Graphenstone Grafclean Premium Matt

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GRAPHENSTONE PAINTGraphenstone Grafclean Premium – Colour
Modern Mineral Hybrid Natural Paint for Interior Walls & Ceilings.
Beautiful, Hard Wearing Colours:  VIEW COLOUR CHART
VOC FREE, Natural, Breathable, Vegan, Washable & Hard Wearing.
Great for repainting & covering. Flexible Matt Finish.
Impressive Coverage: 10-16m2 per litre
STAFF CHOICE! Why? Literally the only paint you need!


Washable Natural Paint – Interior – Graphenstone Grafclean Premium in White & Colours. Premium Natural Paint for high traffic areas that need a wipe now and again from muddy fingers!

Megan Buys From The Organic and natural paint co

I love this paint. Through the years of selling natural paints and sustainable finishes for your home it’s nice to finally have something that actually works as well (and better in my opinion) than your big brand plastic toxin filled branded alternative from the high street. 


Washability! This is a great all round paint suitable for all walls and ceilings – and the best choice for harder wearing areas such as hallways, landings, and areas that have high traffic… it’s a life save for me with two small kids who ‘wash their hands’ and then drag their still muddy hands down the wall as they come back downstairs again. I’ve found it super easy to then just give it a wipe with a damp sponge and it’s back to clean again – WINNER. The older natural emulsion paint I did have on the walls previous did wash OK, but nowhere as tough as this one. 

What I use! 
Personally I like to use this paint, Graphenstone Grafclean in my hallway, stairs and landing as well as kitchen and bathroom, fundamentally due to it being the toughest, most washable natural paint I can find – and if it puts up with my two (actually now three…) kids I’d say it’s pretty good! 

Health Benefits:
The white paint is classed free from of VOCs, so it’s leaps and bounds ahead of your high street paint. Standard paints just leach nasty VOCs into your house air and environment for years, which can trigger asthma (my wife and eldest son suffer from this so we’re super aware of this!) – as well as other allergies and intolerances. There is literally no reason to choose to have high VOCs in your house if there is an alternative (this is a great alternative!!) 

Performance and durability:
The performance is great from this paint, at 10-16m2 per coat (usually 2 will be fine) and 24hr total drying time works out perfectly. The covering power and opacity is very good, one of the best I’ve used. It’s breathable as standard, so allows the moisture to regulate , allows airflow and helps eliminate condensation. Personally I use breathable paints everywhere – it does make for a much healthier house. All paints we stock here are breathable as standard, so you’ll always be getting the best solution! With the natural graphene in the paint, the paint is much less prone to cracking and flaking in the future, certainly a huge selling point to be honest!


  • Very good washability. 
  • Tough and durable Colours, tough and long-lasting.
  • High covering power. 
  • 10-16m2 per Litre 
  • Matte finish. 
  • Breathable. 
  • High adherence. 
  • Excellent flexibility. Not cracking. Suitable for interior and exterior. Free of VOCs emissions. Eliminate formaldehydes.
  • Tech: Washability (EN 13300) /  Class 1 
  • Award of CE Certificate No. 1170 / CPR / ER.0311 
  • Certified “Toy Safe” & “Baby Safe”  to EN 71-3:2019 -and EN 71-3:2013 + A3:2018 (certificate here)
  • Natural Emulsion free of VOC and APEO / VOC content < 1 g/l  / VOC emission Class A+
  • White: Certified for moisture control in concrete surface protection systems (EN 1504-2)
  • SD Value Class 1. (Class 1 is <0.14)
  • The pigmented product is free of VOC emissions.

How to prepare your walls for painting:
Make sure the wall / surfaces is clean, dry and not falling apart!

I already have paint on my walls, what do I do?

  • For glossy surfaces, please sand lightly (key the surface)
  • Remove any flaking paint, and if you would like a much smoother surface, use the Filler Primer to create a uniform surface

My walls are unpainted, what should I do?
For interior walls and ceilings, on bare plaster just water thin the first coat of by 15% or so that it can act as the mist coat and soak into the plaster. 2 normal top coats after that (I still dilute with 10% water even then!)

For wood, metal, ceramic tiles or non porous surfaces: Graphenstone Four2Four Primer.

How do I prepare the natural Graphenstone Grafclean Premium Paint?
We always like to dilute with water to about 10-15% of the product weight, which equates to about 150-200ml of water per litre of paint. Stir well, but don’t introduce bubble if possible.  We advise 2 to 3 coats, and you can use a roller, a brush or even an airless spray gun if you have one.

Suitable for: Plaster, bare plaster (dilute with water 10% as mist coat), old paints, existing paint, prefab surfaces, unpainted wallpaper, brick, wood and metal (with this primer) etc. Old glossy paint should be sanded lightly first. Absorbent surface use this primer first: AmbientPrimer Premium. Surface must be dry and clean. For wood or metal, use Four2Four primer

Drying: In conditions of 25 ºC and 60% relative humidity: 2-4 hours between layers and 24 hours drying. The work temperature (environment and support) must be between +5 °C and +40 °C. 

Tools: Roller, brush, airless or other type of projection. 

Tool cleaning: Clean tools after use with warm water. 

Ingredients: The manufacturer declares that the composition of the product does not contain hazardous substances and it is free of VOC emissions. If you’re looking for an ecologically sound and sustainable option this is perfect. Full details in the data sheets below.

Data Sheets:
Grafclean Premium (White) MSDS – View
Grafclean Premium (White) Technical Data Sheet – View



Common Questions

General Painting

Additional information

Weight 1.7100 kg
Dimensions 0.0000 × 0.0000 × 0.0000 cm

Colour Tester 100ml – (Standard colour matched pot for all Graphenstone paints), 750ml, 1 Litre, 4 Litres


Adonis, Alabaster, Alpine (E), Amchoor (E), Ardennes (E), Argento, Artic (E), Artichoke (E), Ashen, Bengal (E), Blue Steel, Blush, Bordeaux (E), Briar Rose, Brunswick (E), Burmese (E), Burnt Umber, Cambridge (E), Carnelian (E), Cassium, Celadon (E), Cerulean (E), Chalk Hill Blue (E), Chateaux, Chiffon, Cinnabar (E), Cinnamon (E), Clotted Cream, Damask (E), Dijon, Duck Egg, Ebony, Glacier, Gossamer, Grape (E), Graphene (E), Grey Goose, Highland, Iceberg (E), Indigo, Ivory, Jaipur (E), Juniper (E), Kombu (E), Latte, Linwood, Lovat, Mink, Miso (E), Mist, Moleskin, Mulberry (E), Nakajima, Ocean (E), Old Bone, Old Lilac (E), Olive, Otter (E), Oxford (E), Pale Walnut, Parmesan (E), Pearl Barley, Pebble, Periwinkle (E), Pewter (E), Pigeon, Plover, Porcelaine, Porpoise, Powder Blue, Provencal, Prussian (E), Saddleback (E), Sandstone, Sea Foam (E), Sesame, Sienna, Silver Birch, Silver Moss, Soft Smoke, Stone, Straw, Suede (E), Truffle (E), Tuberose (E), Tuscan Red (E), Venezia, Vintage, Wardour Blue, Wheat Berry, Wheaten, Whisper, White, White Linen, White Pepper, White Sage, White Tea



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Colour Charts: FREE Delivery.
1-2 Day (Usually, but not guaranteed Next Working Day): 0-1 kg - £3.95 (Up to 8 tester pots)
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Sample / Tester Pots

We offer 2 types of tester pots on most products on all pages (in the drop down box)
1) ‘Colour Tester 100ml – (Standard colour matched pot for all Graphenstone paints)’ £4.99 per tester pot. We use our premium grafclean paint to offer sample pots in all colours we offer. The colour of this tester is exactly the same as the colour in the other paint ranges, which is why we offer it as a standard tester pot (as it’s cheaper as we can use this one paint for all colours). We mix this per order.
​ 2) ‘Colour Tester 100ml – (In this specific paint to test texture or sheen)’ £7.80 per tester pot. For people who want to check the exact paint, we also offer a tester pot in the actual paint (for people who want to check texture / consistency) as the colour is exactly the same as the standard tester pot.

Large orders of big tubs will need to be sent on a pallet, so may be +1-2 working days.


All Next day:
1 bag - £8
2 bags - £14
3 bags - £21
4 bags - £28
5 bags - £35

ECO PACKAGING: Testers use bio degradable corn starch infill packing pieces (these are only suited to testers and very light weight items though); on larger products we either use recycled/recyclable brown paper or we’re just starting to use pulped cardboard inserts for 2.5l and 5l tins - these are recycled and can either be recycled with household cardboard, composted or several people use them as firefighters!

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Please Note: All products (paints / finishes / oils / waxes etc) are held in white and clear only, everything else is hand coloured specifically to your order (when you select from a colour range) by our wonderful mixing team, so unfortunately cannot be returned. Please please please try a tester pot first beforehand!

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