Sugar Soap - Do I need sugar soapIntroduction to sugar soap.

As the name suggests, sugar soap is used to ‘’clean’’ walls for the purpose of decorating them. Don’t get fooled by the name ‘’Sugar soap’’ as there is no sugar in it but its granulated appearance in powder form gives it that name.

Companies use different formulas for the preparation of these soaps. It is a detergent for washing walls containing some skin irritating ingredients in it.

Preparation before starting the actual painting process is essential which is where most of the people are hasty and fail to get the desired results. These soaps come in both liquid and powder form where powder form is preferred for larger areas such as living rooms or a reception room.

Why sugar soap is important:

Washing down the old wallpaper can be tough and is definitely not easy labor. Oftentimes, walls are covered with grease, nicotine and dirt especially if you have kids in the house, which can make it a struggle to even get an even single coat let alone two coats. Dirt left on can cause leakage within 6 months causing the customer more money and time.

Therefore, missing out on the washing step is not what you should do if you want your walls to have a nice finish which would also be long lasting. As boring as this step sounds, it will show you exceptional results further down the line.

Bathrooms and kitchens are prone to greasy walls, a new layer of paint without washing it down will only add more work for you to do later on. Apart from warm water, a sugar soap helps in removing all that grease and dirt so the new coat of paint looks fresh. Cleaning with sugar soaps helps the new paint to stick to the walls without hampering the adhesion.

How to use Sugar Soap on walls: 

Although the liquid form is costly, it can be managed easily whereas the powder form can be risky for beginners as it contains skin irritants. Add the sugar soap in warm water, start cleaning your walls with a cloth and then clean the walls again with just a damp cloth to take off the soap. Before you apply the fresh coat, give the walls enough time to dry out. The process requires patience from start to the end.

Difference between Sugar soap and common washing liquids:

A common question arises as to why there is a special soap to clean the walls? Common washing liquids and household cleaner at home are not used for this purpose as there could be left overs of these liquids even after you wash them.

This is why the consistency of a Sugar soap is maintained to a level where it washes down everything that causes hindrance in the adhesion property of paints. Not to forget that sugar soaps are cheaper than these washing liquids, being an alternative to common washing liquid. So don’t even let that extra bit go to waste!

Natural Sugar soap – any alternatives?

We don’t offer a sugar soap alternative as we don’t think it’s need for these paints. Just cleaning the walls with warm water is enough, and if needed we just advise using a primer for tricky surfaces.