We like to do the following to best prepare walls before painting:

  1. CLEAN WALLS: We recommend to clean the walls first and make sure they are fully dried.
  2. REPAIR: We would the recommend to repair any areas that are cracked, damaged or just need repairing. So use a filler to repair cracks and uneven areas.
  3. KEY / SAND: If the surface is shiny, or looks like it has a sheen to it make sure you give it a quick sand (a light ‘key’) which will allow the new coat of paint something to adhere to.
  4. DUST: Make sure the the walls are dust free before painting.
  5. PAINT: We would generally recommend 2 coats of paint for your walls for nest finish. The first coat can be diluted with water up to 15-20%, and then the 2nd coat can be diluted 10-15%. It’s perfectly normal to thin some paints, this is great as you’ll get more coverage for your £!