GRAPHENSTONE PAINT Graphenstone Ambient Pro+ Premium Air Purifying Paint

Photo-catalytic interior & exterior lime paint, cleaning your air of CO2 & toxins, naturally inhibiting bacteria and mould.

  • Ultra Matt – **NEW** Available in limited off white colours!
  • Eco friendly – Absorbs CO2, Sox, NOx and other VOC’s
  • Healthy – No preservatives or harmful toxins. MIT and VOC free
  • Durable – Wet scrub resistant: class 1
  • Breathable – Reduces condensation and allows walls to breathe
  • Natural Paint
  • Hygienic – Naturally inhibits viruses, mould and bacteria
  • Contains graphene technology for durability
  • Fireproof

Ambient Pro White is a natural mineral paint for interiors and exteriors with a matt finish. Ideal for construction, restoration and repainting. Thanks to its formula based on artisanal lime with graphene technology, it is breathable, avoids condensation, is washable, does not yellow and absorbs CO2.

Coverage: UPTO 18m²/L