What gloss paint is non toxic in the uk? We’ve been asked what gloss paint is non toxic uk, well we can answer that for you – loads of paint it! We’ve got a whole website full of non toxic paint.

Did you know that indoor air is three times more polluted compared to outdoor air? That said, it has been ranked by EPA that paints and finishes are one of the top 5 hazards to human health and the environment too. A single stroke of paint releases low level toxic emissions that can last for years after application. The root of these toxins is a variety or volatile organic compounds (VOC) which, to date, were essential to paint’s performance.

Thanks to consumer demands and new environmental regulations, have led to the development of low VOC and zero VOC paints and finishes. We  have a tremendous line of natural paints that are cost effective, durable, and less harmful to environmental and human health.

What gloss paint is non toxic here in the UK? Well, we have a wide range of non toxic gloss paints and finishes to choose from – from water based to oil based gloss paints – they perfectly suit your needs.

This natural wood paint is made from using natural mineral and  pigments for colours, meaning it’s non toxic, safe to use for kid’s toys or for other wood work projects, both indoor and outdoor. We also have a natural gloss paint for metals. It’s a top selling natural paint for exterior use, it is suitable for UK’s damp conditions.

Graphenstone paints and finishes are made from natural raw ingredients, especially the lime based products and they give off almost no smell, guaranteed safe for your health and for the environment.

So next time you grab your paints and finishes make sure you read the product literature or label. Always check for VOC and solid content, If you are unsure about it, ask a professional.      

Try these non toxic natural wood paints: from  our range of natural wood paints.

If you’re looking for a gloss paint that is non toxic and you want to buy it in the UK, then have a look at the very popular Graphenstone wood paints.  a top of the range interior natural, eco friendly and non toxic gloss paint that is available to buy on our website, with next working day delivery if required. This excellent non toxic gloss paint is available in a huge array of natural colours, and we’re certain you will find a matching colour you are looking for. We can always mix a paint colour to suit you – you are more than welcome to send us a colour swatch, a chip of paint, a scrap of paper – anything we can get a match from. Although minimum qualities are required for a matched mix, we will make sure you’re happy with a physical tester before you start.