What are natural adhesives? An adhesive is any substance applied to the surfaces of materials and its primary use it to bind them together. It can be in a form of paste, glue, mucilage, or cement.  Adhesives are a must have around the house for general repairs. From your child’s school project, mending a broken toy, and trinket making to floor and wood fixing, you need adhesives and or contact glue. If your home’s floorings are to be laid in rooms subject to heavy wear, floorings like linoleum, natural fibre carpets or cork, it is highly suggested to have it permanently glued to avoid accidents or easy breakage.

Dispersion glues are the obvious way to go however one of the risks are that it may harm your health because of the high solvent solution or synthetic components of such product. Synthetic adhesives are based on elastomers, thermosets, thermoplastics, and other harmful ingredients. For instance, epoxy, cyanoacrylate, and acrylic polymers. Apart from the health hazards, it is also known to be a threat to the environment – from the process of making and manufacturing it to using it in your household – everybody is at risk.

Since natural paint was introduced, they have also come up with natural adhesives and glues. Most natural adhesives are made from organic sources such as natural resins and dextrin. They are commonly known as bioadhesives. The natural glue is a great alternative to standard toxic solutions.

Don’t put your family’s health at risk and choose your home products wisely. These days, natural paints and adhesives are available in the market. So make that switch today. Be sure to read what’s written in the label or ask a professional about it.  Hopefully you now understand what are natural adhesives. If you have any more questions please get in contact.