What is the best non toxic wood floor varnish wax? If you’re in the market for non toxic wood floor varnish, wax or oil, you’d be remiss to leave the line of eco-friendly paints out of your search!  Graphenstone is one of the leading manufacturers of all-natural, breathable, non toxic products for your walls and floors.  In the past, there was an aversion to using organic products because they were thought to perform more poorly than traditional alternatives.  However, those days are long gone and organic is now the way to go.  From floor waxes to furniture impregnations and everything in between, there is an easy to use, environmentally friendly, safe product out there that’s perfect for you.

A popular trend amongst these types of products is “one off” items.  That simply means it takes only one application to perform more than one duty.  For example, the Natural Oil Wax for Wood takes only one coat to both oil and wax your floor.  If you don’t mind taking the extra steps, there are wonderful eco-friendly products that you use in stages.  For example, to simply beautify and protect your wood floors, start off with a non toxic wood floor primer such as  Natural Hard Primer for Wood, then follow up with Wood Wax.  This natural wood protector is derived from vegetable and beeswax and can be polished to a satin finish that will repel dirt, prevent scratches, and make your floors glow with health!

Once you’ve applied a non toxic wood floor varnish, wax or oil you’ll want to take good care of it so you can enjoy its benefits for a long time to come.  To maintain a wax finish, be sure to use an approved cleaner such as the Natural Floor Cleaner.  After every three or so cleanings, you’ll want to add a bit of protection back in, so following up with a floor care emulsion that contains a bit of wax to keep your floors shining.

Go ahead and make the switch to non toxic wood floor varnish and wax and discover what true peace of mind feels like!