Breathaplasta Natural Wall Plaster – Eco Breathable Wall Plaster: by Adaptavate

Breathaplasta Natural Wall Plaster – Eco Breathable Wall Plaster: by Adaptavate

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Breathaplasta is a very fast setting, easy to use and very breathable lime plaster.  A  high performance bio composite alternative to typical plasters such as gypsum or lime plasters.

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Adaptavate Breathaplasta – Naturally breathable plaster.
This Cutting edge Natural Breathable Plaster & eco wall plaster called Breathaplasta from the award winning company Adaptavate is a natural, eco friendly breathable plaster that is a high performance bio composite alternative to typical plasters such as gypsum or lime plasters. Breathaplasta is installed and mixed using the exact same techniques as the standard common plasters but delivers far more plus additional benefits.  Product of the month by the Alliance for Sustainable Building Materials (ASBP) for December 2016.

If you’re renovating or building, this excellent breathable plaster gives you a easy solution to create a healthy living environment or working areas, safer for your work space and safer for your family.

Breathaplasta is a hydrothermally high performing material that regulates moisture and improves insulation to deliver a healthier and more efficient environment. Breathaplasta breathable natural plaster can be installed using conventional methods and on many substrates such as conventional plasterboard, block walls and solid brick. It has even been shown by Bath University to remove VOCs from the atmosphere (VOC sink).

Breathaplasta is a very fast setting, easy to use and very breathable lime plaster.

Why should you use Breathaplasta?

  • It helps improve indoor air quality
  • It helps reduce the risk of condensation and mould
  • It helps regulate humidity for comfort and heath
  • It is vapour permeable, and allows you home to breathe.
  • It offers faster completion times, which will help reduce labour costs
  • It is suitable for a wide range of backgrounds and surfaces such as masonry, wood wool, wood fibre and plasterboard.

Breathaplasta is a highly breathable blended lime plaster that increases the thermal insulation of your walls and provides natural humidity regulation for improved indoor air quality. This is achieved by the addition of insulative biomaterial, which is crop waste, to the blended lime mix.

The inclusion of biomaterial regulates and reduces airbourne moisture and increases the surface temperature of the walls. Warmer walls and reduces moisture combine to prevent the formations of condensation and mould on wall surfaces. Indoor air quality is improved for healthier spaces.




  • Add 1 x 20kg of Breathaplasta to aprox 10-11 litres of water.
  • Mix using a paddle mixer for at least 60 seconds, Use mixed plaster immediately.

COVERAGE per bag:

  • 5m2 = 4mm Thickness
  • 2.5m2 = 8mm Thickness
  • 2m2 = 10mm Thickness
  • 1m2 = 20mm Thickness


  • CE MARKED – View Tech Sheet
  • The product is also 100% natural with no gypsum and no cement. 
  • A greener alternative to standard wall plaster
  • TWICE thermal performance of standard Gypsum plaster 
  • Lime based composite plaster – utilises crop waste
  • Passively regulates moisture, prevents growth of mould, reduces condensation
  • This breathable plaster acts like lungs, absorbs moisture in high humidity and releases as humidity decreases
  • Easy to use, behaves like gypsum plaster (industry standard)
  • Easier to use than lime plasters
  • Dries quicker than lime plasters, allowing for faster completions
  • Highly breathable – allows the whole wall to breathe
  • Increased thermal performance reduces mould and condensation further
  • Very suitable for heritage projects
  • Supplied as dry mix, just add water and stir
  • Can be finished as smooth or textured (This is simply down to the installer running trowel over it as it starts to dry)
  • Pale cream finish – easy to decorate.
  • Suitable for overpainting
  • Can be installed on plasterboard (and most building boards) as a skim coat
  • For use on Brick & Block masonry it can be built up in layers to mask the unevenness of the substrate.
  • Incredible well received as a new plaster on the market
  • Avoids gypsum use (For health & eco benefits)
  • Has been hugely beneficial in housing association, council housing, student housing and rented accommodation where moisture / condensation and mould are an issue.
  • Very competitive price against lime & performance plasters.
  • Incredible value compared to anything else!
  • Covering artex? For an artex ceiling it’s best to check how well the material is still adhered to the ceiling. Do a test patch and if secure you can plaster straight onto it. If it is old and crumbly and weak then either scrape away and plaster or overboard with 9.5mm plasterboard and skim plaster.


  • Min depth of application: 4mm
  • Max depth of application: 20mm in coats of 5-7mm
  • Supplied as 20KG bag, which covers approx 5msq at 4mm depth
  • Density: 1200 kg/m2
  • Thermal Conductivity (λ) : 0.23 W/m.K
  • Thermal Resistance (R) : 0.05 m2 .K/W (at 10mm thickness)
  • Water Vapour Resistance : 5 (Dimensionless) Factor (µ)
  •  Initial setting time : 2 hours
  • CE Marked


  1. Breathaplasta is a hydrated lime plaster (with other natural additives etc.) and is effectively a powdered form of lime putty. Lime putty is what most conservation officers would usually want  used in a listed building. Breathaplasta is ideal as it is a relatively feeble lime = good for old buildings. Conservation officer may be very strict with certain listed buildings and may ask for evidence on product – we’re happy to supply as needed.
  2. Finish is just as easy as gypsum and BP can be used by all contractors with zero training (though lime experienced plasterers will take to it more quickly). Quick and easy to install in a single day for most applications. Can decorate within a week for most applications (suggest c. 1 day drying time per 1mm plaster thickness).


Adaptavate are an award winning company rethinking and redesigning the way building materials are produced, used and disposed of. We are innovating and designing low-carbon construction products for healthy buildings and inhabitants which help ensure the longevity of our fragile ecosystem whilst surpassing the performance of market leading products.


How thin can I apply the natural plaster?

The short answer is that the smallest grain size for the plaster is 2mm so this is the thinnest it can be applied in a single coat.

However, we always recommend 2 coats of plaster as finishing a top coat of plaster onto a base coat of plaster results in a much smoother & better finish than just a single 2mm coat of plaster. We’ve had a few design-led projects where it’s been applied as a single 2mm skim, but only because they wanted a rough and textured finish anyway.

Typical specifications are below:

2 x 2mm coats (c.1 hour setting time per coat – similar to gypsum Multifinish plaster).
*Note that specialist plasterboard e.g. fire resistant and moisture resistant requires a primer such as Febond Blue Grit

Wood wool board / Wood fibre board
2 x 4mm coats (with fibreglass mesh pressed into the base coat across the whole surface of the wall, whilst plaster still fresh or ‘green’).

Masonry – brick, block and stone
Minimum 2mm per coat
Maximum c. 12-16mm per coat (this is also the max recommended thickness to be applied per day)
Total maximum overall thickness is 50mm.

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