Is there a non toxic varnish that you can use for wood flooring? For new homeowners who have toddlers or babies in the family, this is a common question asked: is there a non toxic varnish that you can use for wood flooring? Well, our answer is yes. We have  several products that are non toxic and safe for kids and the entire family. This is a common question asked by expecting mothers who needs the nursery’s hardwood floor finishing or renewing. We have loads of non toxic floor varnish and paint that are not harmful to health and the environment. Most of us are not aware of the effects of conventional varnish to our homes and everyone must be aware of its potential dangers.

Most wood finishes are laden with volatile organic compounds (VOC), in other words, gases emitted by toxic chemicals. It’s not that I want to scare you, but it is essential to know that VOC can cause short term and long term health problems – problems like muscle weakness, hard breathing, skin irritation, kidney and liver damage – what’s worse is following application of a new hardwood floor finish, VOC  level can be 1000 times higher than outdoors because of improper ventilation. What complicates things is that our noses are not the best barometers to gauge if there’s VOC present or not.

It’s good to know that we have has a breathable and non toxic varnish that you can use for wood flooring that goes from a light natural colour to darker and everything in between. If you prefer natural wood care wax, we recommend the natural wax. This product is great for all wood finishes that’s quick and easy to use. It acts as a defence for your waxed pieces of furniture as well as floor surfaces for future wear and tear.

For varnish, there is a non toxic varnish, such as a natural linseed oil varnish, This is the best natural solution for all your varnishing needs. It is made of regionally cultivated linseed oil and lead free drying agents. Plus, this product also has a number of shades to choose from. So yes, there are many products available if you’re asking: ‘is there a non toxic varnish that you can use for wood flooring…!’