How to choose a natural wood varnish. We are often asked how to choose natural wood varnish, and which wood varnish is best for certain projects, so we’re written a quick article to hopefully help you out. If you have good old wooden furniture lying around the house that simply needs a touch of varnish, get started on it today. Eco friendly and non toxic natural wood varnish and paints are already available on the market today – from natural paint and varnish to wax and primer – there’s a huge variety to choose from.

The natural brand is one of the most trusted and recommended brands in the market today, they offer a wide array of natural paint and other natural products, like varnish, wood stains, and more. Also, the environmental impact of traditional wood varnish is very high because of the energy intensive and polluting elements of petroleum based solvents, as compared to natural wood varnish, the environmental impact is from low to none because it is usually made of extracted natural oils, like linseed and natural elements.

So now you can enjoy doing some wood work or painting projects without the worry. But the big question is, how to choose natural wood varnish? Choosing clear finishes protect the wood from wear, aging, and moisture. We recommend the  clear lacquer matt silk varnish for interior wood. This product is suitable for indoor use, like bookshelves, interior wooden areas, tables, toys, and so on. Suitable for all wood types, except oak.

This natural wood varnish is breathable, eco friendly, solvent free, and with no wood preservatives it brings no health issues when applied.

If you are working on furniture, we recommend the  natural liquid bees wax, the honey coloured finish will give your furniture the desired look. Suitable for all wood types and easy to apply. Because it is made of all natural ingredients like linseed and orange oil, it doesn’t smell too strong in the air. Aside from wood stains and varnish,  also offers natural paints that are safe to use around the house.

Remember, when possible, it is best to use natural wood varnish. Look for the lowest to non VOC wood varnish that are available. For a superb high-wear floor or furniture applications that need a harder finish, be sure to read the labels or better yet, ask a professional.        .