It’s that time of year to start sprouting seeds!  If you’re in an area that may still experience a cold snap, it would be best to build a small greenhouse that will protect your seedlings and may even speed up their growth.

Greenhouses can be made in just about any size and can be built using recycled materials and a little ingenuity.  For example, an old display case can easily be converted into a sprouting house.  You may have some spare windows laying around that you could attach to a frame and use as a greenhouse.

Building a wooden frame and covering it with heavy duty plastic is the most simple and cost effective way to build a temporary greenhouse that will be perfect for seed starting this spring.  These lightweight structures can be moved around your patio or deck, or can be built on a larger scale that will even allow you to enter them.

If you’re afraid a temporary greenhouse will be an eyesore, or you’re lucky enough to have the space and budget to build a permanent structure, consider turning pieces of your shed or barn into a greenhouse space.  You could paint your homemade greenhouse with a natural paint that is also non-toxic or even wood stain it with an all natural stain that will tie it in with your home.

The reality of homemade greenhouses is that you can build them to suit your needs to a tee!  A variety of shapes are efficient including A-frame, domed, rectangular and square.  Glass or plastic sheeting works best for the covering.  Take a look at the dilapidated buildings or old building materials you have access to—they may lend themselves perfectly to becoming a greenhouse!  Start your own homemade greenhouse project this weekend and start growing your own plants in no time.