Where can I find Breathable paint suppliers in the UK?  When water vapours are allowed to permeate through a paint, it is considered breathable.  Breathable paints have a high rate of permeability which means they allow water to quickly evaporate.  It’s almost like having your own dehumidifying system built right into the walls!  When moisture is allowed to build up, it can quickly cause deterioration in your home.  Trapped water can lead to rotting, mould, peeling, warping and many other such destructions.

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So where can you find breathable paint suppliers in the UK?  Though manufacturers may be few and far between, the top trusted supplier of natural, organic and breathable paints is The Organic and Natural Paint Company.  This UK based distributor carries the full line of  Natural Paints as well as eco friendly varnishes, cleaning supplies, adhesives and much more.

Breathable paint comes in different types including highly specialised and useful formulas such as Anti-Mould Paint.  This excellent lime-based product helps naturally prevent mould and is very breathable, thus making it ideal for damp areas such as bathrooms and kitchens.

Chalk based paints such as natural Chalk Paint are also super breathable.  They also have the added bonus of being great odour absorbers.  Because they are mineral based and solvent free, they contain no VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds) which makes them perfectly safe for indoor use.  You can even find breathable natural emulsions like the Eco Friendly Natural Emulsion Paint, so there’s really no reason not to switch to a breathable paint.

Once you’re ready to give your home and your family a breath of fresh air, be sure to take a look at the best of breathable paint suppliers in the UK, The Organic and Natural Paint Company!

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