How to get paint out of your carpet
Ever been stuck with a stubborn paint spot or stain that won’t come off no matter what you do? Paints are meant to stick to surfaces and not come off easily. This however, does not mean that your carpet is ruined forever. With some effective tips listed below you could remove those difficult paint stains and save your carpet!

IMPORTANT: Always test an area first before doing it on your main area of carpet!


Just water and a little detergent if needed – same as all water based paints. It will dry very hard though so get to it quickly!


There are many ways to remove paint from your carpet, have a look below at our suggestions!

Using Household Ammonia to remove house paint

  • Make sure that you are working in an open space to remove the stain as the smell of
  • removing agents or of the paint could be dangerous.
  • You can either use a bowl or a spray bottle if you have that available to put hot water along with some household ammonia. Make sure that you get a good quality household ammonia. Mix these two well before applying on the carpet surface. Always try a small area first to make sure there is no issue!
  • Gently use a scrubbing brush on the surface making sure that the ammonia mixture covers the total area where the damage is done. You don’t want to ruin your carpet strands by being harsh with the scrubbing brush.
  • Take an extra piece of cloth that you can find and press it on the surface to remove the paint from the carpet. If you rub this cloth on your carpet, chances are that you will end up spreading more paint than actually removing it.
  • After an adequate amount of paint can be seen on the piece of cloth, take a damp towel pressing it with both hands on the area.
  • If the stain still does not budge, place a clean piece of cloth on the carpet. Now place a steam iron over it for almost 20 minutes repeating the process with a fresh piece of cloth until you see the desired results.

Diluted Dish Soap to remove house paint

  • If the Ammonia does not seem to work on your carpet stain, take your regular dish soap and dilute it.
  • After diluting it, spread it over the carpet with stain.
  • Now take a damp towel and start pressing on to it with your hands or feet. This will help absorb all the water that the woolen fibre has absorbed.

Removing dried paint:

  • Dried paint is far more difficult to deal with than fresh paint on carpet. The bits of paint that you can see on the carpet need to be removed first so you can move to the stain.
  • Soak that area with hot water which will reduce the adhesion property of paint.
  • You can now add dish soap in hot water and repeat the same steps that are described in the diluted dish soap method.

These are all the quick methods which you can try by using the products at home. However, if all else fails and the stain does not come off you might need to look for commercial cleaners. This is such a common mishap and you can follow these steps to get a clean carpet back!