How do I paint stairs?

Stairs are an important point in a house, and are often one of the most used places! Therefore they need to be well painted and durable so that the whole house looks clean and organised. Refreshing stairs with new paints is an excellent way of bringing your old stairs back to life. This investment, if done right, will be great for a long period of time.  Most of the time, stairs are either carpeted or are made of wood. If your stairs are made of wood or any other wood-material, then it is advised to paint both treads and risers. 

What do I need to be able to paint my stairs?

You will need the following to be able to paint your stairs:
– Masking tape
– Paint roller
– Paint brush
– Sand paper
– Natural Wood Paint (such as this natural paint
– Primer (such as this natural primer)

How do I prepare before I paint the stairs?

If the stairs have carpet then remove it, clean the surface for there may be rough areas that may need sanding. Once the surface is clean and even, move on to the next step. Prepare yourself too by wearing protective eye glasses aur gloves. 

Which primer should I use for painting the stairs?

This universal primer is suitable for wood, helping the upper coatings to stick to the base perfectly. It is an excellent primer for metal services as well, preventing them from corroding. Take sufficient primer on a paint brush and start applying the primer on the steps. It will help you if you start applying from the top stairs. This primer is ideal for both indoor and outdoors.  

Which paint should I use for painting the stairs?

This natural wood paint, Grafclean mid sheen, is the perfect paint for stairs as it will adhere to the base created. It has a thick covering and simultaneously allows the paint to breathe as well. It can directly be applied to the wooden steps, it won’t create any toxic fumes since it has very low VOCs. Usually a foam roller is used to coat the wide surfaces, but you can also use a paint brush. Make sure that there are no drips while applying the coats. 

The next coats can be applied the same way making sure that each applied layer is not too thick. Two to three thin layers add up to give a smooth and beautiful look rather than a single thick coating. This will take approximately a day to dry off, make sure nobody uses the stairs until then. If you applied any decorator’s tape in the beginning to keep the floor and walls safe then this is the time when you remove that tape as well. After removing the tapes, clean the area thoroughly. You will have a brand new staircase in about two days which will make your hallway look as if it is brand new!