How do I paint a radiator?

Painting radiators sounds easy but there are some helpful tips and tricks that will make the whole procedure come together neatly, giving your room a new look. Make sure that before you begin, the radiator is turned off and cold. Place some sheets on the floor to help you with the cleaning up later. 

Sanding: How do I sand a radiator

Sanding the radiator will help you clean off any leftover debris or dirt. This is a very important part as paint adhesion on the radiator depends on the surface of your radiator. Most of the debris prevents this adhesion and eliminates chances of getting a neat finish. 

Priming: How to prime a radiator.

Primer is a solid base for the paint which will make sure that the coatings firmly adhere to the surface of the radiator. This universal primer acts as that strong base, bonding your mineral paint to the surface set. It helps in reducing stains from the top coat and can be applied to a variety of surfaces. You can use an angled brush to reach the difficult corners of the radiator if a straight brush is not doing the job properly. Before moving on to the next step, give the primer enough time to completely dry off before you start applying coats. 

How do I paint the top coat on the radiator?

After the primer has dried, apply the first coat making sure that the room is well ventilated. This great top coat uses an impressive graphene technology to give a neat coating over surfaces. This paint is made with vegetable resin so that the paint could be applied to exterior and interior surfaces.  It has no VOC, so no toxic fumes in the air. The texture after the paint dried out is smooth with an attractive finish. The coverage that this paint provides over surfaces, radiators in this case, is excellent owing to the 70% solid content.  Grafclean mid sheen paint has a resistance to moisture, and lets the paint to breathe. In conclusion, the paint will stay on for a longer time and maintains the look of the paint. You can also clean the radiator later to remove any stain, as this paint is washable. This won’t create cracks in the paint for a long time, Grafclean mid sheen paints are super flexible in that matter. 

Which primer should I use for painting radiators?

We suggest using the Graphenstone Universal primer for priming of radiators

Which top coat should I paint on my radiators?

We suggesting using the Graphenstone Midshine for painting radiators, but be aware of the top temperature of your radiators: