Do you have Water Based Paint?  both natural and organic are a main part of the range of paints that we offer to the UK market. We specialise in natural water based paint for your home, both interior and exterior. Have a look at our premium range of products and if you have any questions please let us know!

While many standard paints use harmful oils like petroleum as the basis for their products, we offer water based paint that is healthy for the environment and for you and your family; even allergy and asthma sufferers! Water based paint does not include volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and is totally natural.

Excess paint is easily broken down when you dispose of it. But don’t worry, this doesn’t mean it will easily break down on your walls. The water based paint industry has come a long way with the increased demand for green products. There is no longer a worry of premature fading and accidental paint removal during cleaning.

The water based paint we carry is durable, fade resistant and able to be washed with no ill effects. Water based paint is flexible once applied and thus able to expand and contract without cracking or blistering. Because it is water based, it can accidentally freeze in the can which will damage the paint, so keep this in mind when storing your water based paint.

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