What To Look For in a Kitchen Paint?When it comes to kitchen paint, a lot of brands fail to create one that is eco-friendly, safe and performs well. The focus is more on creating ideal paint for bedrooms, bathrooms, dining rooms, living rooms, which often leave the kitchen neglected. If you’re wondering why it’s so important to have great quality and a specific paint for the kitchen, then you’ll find the answers below.

If you look closely at the kitchen, you’d realise there is a lot going on in that room on a daily basis. There is heat from the stove and plenty of steam from the pots and pans. This can make the kitchen a hot and humid place that can lead to condensation and mould problems. To solve this, what you want from your paint is for it to be significantly breathable to avoid the buildup of moisture in the walls.


In addition to this, cooking and frying can result in a lot of splashes of oil and gravy on the walls, cupboards, and countertops. To make sure you don’t end up with permanent stains and high maintenance paint, please note you should look for one that is significantly washable and does not takes up a stain. The paint you choose must be significantly water-resistant so it does not end up absorbing the moisture, but rather allow the splashes to be wiped down easily, and be a tough grease and stain resistant paint. Moreover, the kitchen paint you choose should also not be scrubbed away while removing stains – meaning that it should have high resistance and flexibility in the busiest kitchens.

Another important point here is to opt for eco-friendly and natural paints over traditional paints. This is because you wouldn’t want your food to mingle with the toxic VOCs and other harmful emissions that escape from the surface of petrochemical paint. Paint plays a huge role in setting the tone of a room, which is why you should carefully explore your options before you settle for one.

Tips for Painting Your Kitchen

Before you take up a painting project, it is always a good idea to plan the whole thing out to avoid major mistakes and setbacks. Below, we have compiled some tips for you to get started.

Select a Paint Colour

There is a range of colours at your disposal when it comes to kitchen paints, but there are a few that immediately appeal to the aesthetics. Colours like orange, yellow, and respective shades are said to stimulate the appetite, which is why these are popular choices. You can also explore lighter shades of blue and green which set a nice and airy mood for the room.

Determine the Area You Need to Paint

Gauging and assessing the area that needs to be painted will help you in selecting the quantity of paint and finish you need. This will also prevent you from having too much leftover paint and save some money.

Clean, Mask and Cover

Thoroughly clean all the areas before you begin painting, including the cupboards, cabinets and all surfaces. After this, if you are not painting an empty kitchen, you should carefully cover up all present furnishings and appliances with a sheet to avoid getting unwanted paint on them. This will also help you save time and effort that would go into the cleanup. You should also add masking tape to the edges to get smooth edges and prevent the paint from crossing over to other regions.

What Choices Do You Have?

Graphenstone Paint For Kitchens

You might feel like you don’t have many options when it comes to natural kitchen paint, but you might not need many options either. After all, you have to choose only one at the end of the day. If this one paint does what you’re looking for a paint to do, you don’t need to look any further anyway! One of the options available to you is Graphenstone Paint for kitchens. These paints are made of all natural ingredients, which makes it a safer and eco-friendly alternative to conventional paints and resist colour fading very well. They are are washable without the colour coming off too easily.


Graphenstone eco paint incorporates graphene technology, which is responsible for some of its most appealing features and the formulation resists everyday cooking stains on your kitchen wall. Graphene technology gives the paint its superb durability, strength, and flexibility, which lets it tolerate tough scrubbing and washing. What’s more is that with all its amazing properties, you also have a range of colours to choose from to enhance the visuals of your kitchen. If you haven’t considered Graphenstone paint before, it would be a good time to do so now.