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What is child safe paint? Volatile Organic Compounds in paints create toxic fumes which are hazardous for health. These act as additives in paints where the main pigment is mixed with a solvent creating the texture that paint has. Although there is no proof that these toxic fumes caused by VOCs such as toluene and xylene are the cause behind some of the disorders, precaution is advised. Oil based paints have some carcinogens such as benzene and being in a room with such paint could lead to a high exposure to this carcinogen. These are the long term diseases, there are short term diseases which include dizziness, nausea and irritation in eyes or skin when exposed to such carcinogens. Such carcinogens could be absorbed into the blood through inhalation or by contact with skin from where they damage the organs. This is why children are deemed to be more at risk since their immune system is still developing. Moreover, kids are more exposed to such harmful paints because of the toys they play with, this is why it is ensured that the paint used for these toys is safe. 

Are there VOCs in child safe paint?

Strong pungent fumes can be smelled from such toxic paints which is the main concern of parents. Child safe paints are up to the certified British Standards which restricts the addition of any such hazardous VOC in the paint. Such strict safety measures are regularly checked so that toys and decorating materials which are related to kids must be painted using these harmless paints. The standard set has a specific amount of bioavailability for the compound being used in the paints. This is done so that such compounds are absorbed in an amount which is not harmful for children. In other words, negligible amounts of these compounds are ensured in child safe paints.

Safest wall paint for children

Other paints are usually not tested which is why they are labeled as not safe for children. This test should be important for paints which are used purely for painting walls or ceilings too. Parents consider the fumes as a test to identify which paints are toxic and which are not. However, the VOCs should be the standard to set the two types apart. Almost all of the paints used in the UK are made to go through this standardised test which makes most of them safe, oil based paints and those which have satin finishes are still not safe for children’s toys and decorating walls. In this regard, the safest paints for children are the ones which have the lowest VOCs, some are even close to zero!

With the advancement in the industrial sector, paints are becoming more and more environmentally friendly as well. Some of these child safe paints in the market are also safe for the environment, can be easily washed from walls and safe for children’s toys. The ideal solution would be to look for paints which have certified toy safe written on them with close to zero VOC

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Can I sleep in a painted room?2023-02-17T11:39:47+00:00

Can I sleep in a painted room?

Should I sleep in a painted room with normal paints?

If you have just painted your room with a standard chemical filled, high VOC paint, then no you should definitely not sleep in the room for a good few nights until the main bulk of the chemicals have off gassed.

Is it safe to sleep in a room that has just been painted?

Unless using low/minimal/zero VOC chemical free paints (such as our range here) we would suggest not to sleep in the room for a couple of nights. But then we also don’t recommend you use conventional paints anyway!

Should I sleep in a painted room with natural paints?

If the paints are marked as zero / minimal VOC, and are made without chemicals that cause issues and allergies, then it would be fine. We would always advise airing a room after painting as it’s likely to have dust and other particles in the air generally, which are always better out of the house than in! If you have a allergy or condition make sure you check ingredients before making your decision. We are not medical professionals, but we do know that using natural paints are a much safer option than standard house paints!

Can Paint affect babies?2021-01-22T18:17:53+00:00

Can Paint affect babies? Standard off the shelf house paint is full of chemicals and nasties, and research shows that this can lead to health issues from prolonged exposure. We always advise to use a zero VOC natural paint for any interior room, especially for a baby!

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What is the best anti allergenic gloss paint to buy?2021-01-20T23:30:00+00:00

What is the best anti allergenic gloss paint to buy? When a foreign particle or substance enters your body or comes into contact with your skin, your immune system can overreact.  This is known as an allergy.  Most of us have or will experience an allergic reaction at some point in our lives.  It can be a one time deal, or an allergy that lasts for years and years, maybe even a lifetime.  Allergic reactions vary from minor inconveniences to full-blown shock and death.

Many people have at least a slight allergy to paint, well, the nasty chemicals in paint to be exact.  Traditional paints are loaded with harmful VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds) that can continue to be released into the air in your home for years after the initial paint job is dry.    Paint vapours often cause coughing, sore throats, itchy eyes, congestion and runny noses.  And that’s if you’re lucky enough to not have a much stronger response.

Whether you have a mild or extreme allergy to paints and their fumes, the fact of the matter is that chemical based paints are off-gassing into your home and polluting your home’s air, and that’s not healthy for anyone!  The good news is there is a great line of anti allergenic gloss paint to buy that won’t cause these immune system overreactions, nor will it pollute your air.

Natural Wood Paint does all the same things as your tradition gloss paints with one key difference—it is an all naturaleco friendly alternative that will promote cleaner air and a cleaner environment for you and your family to exist in.   That makes it ideal for painting the walls of your curious baby’s nursery.  It is appropriate for indoor or outdoor use, so paint those flower beds, cribs, walls and more with peace of mind.

You can also find anti allergenic gloss paint to buy that has been manufactured using an natural base.  That makes it ideal for outdoor conditions where the air may be more damp.  Because it doesn’t contain the typical harsh chemicals and solvents, it is actually longer lasting and less prone to cracking than traditional oil paints!  Either way, rest assured there’s an anti allergenic gloss paint to buy that will be perfect for your next project.

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