The Grafclean Ag+ Kit eliminates and inhibits 99.9% of existing microorganisms and Guarantees protective activity for 18-24months. It is especially suited to environments with potentially high levels of microorganisms such as Hospitals, Care Homes, Schools, Gyms, Offices, Laboratories, Surgeries, Hotels and other public spaces.


  • PrimerPlus eliminates existing micro-organisms, including bacteria and viruses, on all surfaces.
  • Powerful sanitising properties are achieved completely naturally without the need of any toxic additives, thanks to the high Calcium Hydroxide content and its high ph. of 13.5.
  • PrimerPlus helps purify the air in your space as it is free of toxic substances and solvents, as well as absorbing CO2.


  • GrafClean Ag+ is an anti-microbial, protective paint with Silver Ion (Ag+) technology.
  • Tested to UNE EN 14476:2014+A1:2015; for the evaluation of virucidal activity in the medical area.
  • Grafclean Ag+ inhibits and prevents the growth of micro-organisms of any kind on the dry surface, even after repeated cleaning cycles.
  • Tested to JIS L 1902/ISO 20743 and effective in eliminating all growth of Salmonella, Staphylococcus, E Coli, Listeria.
  • Class 1 Wet Scrub Tested
  • Low Odour. Free of VOC, MIT & APEO

To guarantee the continuity of the disinfectant activity of the Primer Plus, it must be left for a minimum of 24hrs and must be over painted within a maximum of 7 days with GrafClean Ag+.

Coverage: UPTO 11 m2/L
Total Size: 4L