The most healthy apartment in Spain

The healthiest apartment in Spain is a project of the real estate developer Privalore. In it, a good part of the 540 variables promoted by the Wellness Building Standard® are being applied. These are grouped into 7 categories: air, water, light, nutrition, fitness, comfort and mind. All of them work together so that, both a building, its structure and content, take care and extend the life of the families that occupy them, always in a sustainable way for the environment.

For this project the range of Graphenstone’s products, free of toxic and with healthy or ecological certificates, accompanied by a construction process without waste, as well as shielding measures that eliminate the harmful electrical, electromagnetic and terrestrial radioactivity of the bedrooms have been used.


graphenstone-apartamentoecoespanya-01.jpg graphenstone-apartamentoecoespanya-02.jpg
graphenstone-apartamentoecoespanya-03.jpg graphenstone-apartamentoecoespanya-04.jpg graphenstone-apartamentoecoespanya-05.jpg