The Premium range of Graphenstone’s products has been selected for the internal and external restoration of The Panama Cathedral or “Santa María la Antigua” Basilica of Panama. The Cathedral is a Catholic temple located in the old town. It was consecrated in 1796, although construction work began in 1688. The cathedral is the episcopal seat of the Archdiocese of the capital.

The restoration works will have Graphenstone Panama applicators and the presence of technical directors who will move from the headquarters of Graphenstone Spain (El Viso Del Alcor, Seville). The project will consist in the restoration of the Panama Cathedral both internally and externally. Regarding the products that will be applied, to enhance and protect the architectural beauty will be; Biosphere Premium for the exterior, Ecosphere Premium for the interior, MortarBase Premium, MortarFine Premium, Naturglue Premium, and mineral and anti-humidity treatments among other  solutions.

graphenstone-catedralpanama-01.jpg graphenstone-catedralpanama-02.jpg 
graphenstone-catedralpanama-03.jpg graphenstone-catedralpanama-04.jpg  graphenstone-catedralpanama-05.jpg