Graphenstone Projects

We’ve got some great examples of where Graphenstone Paints have been used for amazing projects around the world, these are just some of the examples we have images for. If you have any questions about which paint to choose, please get in contact!

  • Ignacio Halcón Cultural Center

Ignacio Halcón Cultural Center : Real World Example of Graphenstone Paint

It is an eighteenth-century palace house, located in the heart of the Old Town of Lebrija (Seville), together with the Plaza de España and the Town Hall. The building was ceded in 1948 by his heirs to accommodate an educational use. It was abandoned in the eighties of the last century, until, a few years ago, a long process of integral rehabilitation was undertaken in order to provide the town with a new center for cultural and [...]

  • Graphenstone Kedah Gallery

Kedah State Art Gallery : Real World Example of Graphenstone Paint

Restoration of Kedah State Art Gallery in Alor Setar, northern Malaysia. Graphenstone restores a building that combines the ancient Roman architecture of the east and the west. The gallery has been restored to recover its original beauty. Its construction began in 1893 and ended in 1912. This well-known gallery was officially opened by Kedah Sultan Abdul Hamid Halim of Kedah as the first modern government building in Alor Setar. On each of its pillars, there are vertical [...]

  • Ho Chi Minh City Courthouse

Ho Chi Minh Courthouse : Real World Example of Graphenstone Paint

The Ho Chi Minh City Courthouse located in southern Vietnam has been restored with Graphenstone paintings and coatings. This project, which will preserve its original architecture and details, will also help to build a better future thanks to our ecological and natural products.

  • Heredia Theatre Colombia

Heredia Theater : Real World Example of Graphenstone Paint

Heredia Theatre, Colombia. Interior and exterior restoration project using Graphenstone products. It is the main theatre of the city and its most beautiful and prestigious building. An architectural reference with frescoes of great quality and Historical Heritage of Colombia.

  • Bassano Sivak Studio

Bassano Sivak Studio : Real World Example of Graphenstone Paint

The design studio Bassano Sivak did not hesitate to rely on the quality and performance of Graphenstone products to carry out the total renovation of the apartment in Kiev, Ukraine. For this project Ecosphere White Premium has been used for the walls of the living room and dining room; whereas, GrafClean Premium has been chosen for the kitchen, given its high washability.

  • The Panama Cathedral

Cathedral of Panama : Real World Example of Graphenstone Paint

The Premium range of Graphenstone’s products has been selected for the internal and external restoration of The Panama Cathedral or “Santa María la Antigua” Basilica of Panama. The Cathedral is a Catholic temple located in the old town. It was consecrated in 1796, although construction work began in 1688. The cathedral is the episcopal seat of the Archdiocese of the capital. The restoration works will have Graphenstone Panama applicators and the presence of technical directors who will [...]

  • Skyline Housing

Skyline Housing : Real World Example of Graphenstone Paint

The Spanish construction and promoter Larcosta International has chosen the Graphenstone Premium Range for the interior and exterior coatings and finishes of its pilot houses, located at the mediterranean coast. With an innovative design and unbeatable views of the Mediterranean Sea, these homes offer their inhabitants a healthy environment with the best standards of ecology and quality. For exteriors MortarSuper Premium has been used, an ideal mortar for high decoration finishes and for interiors, Ecosphere Premium a [...]

  • Auckland Apartments

Auckland Apartments : Real World Example of Graphenstone Paint

Auckland, in New Zealand is nowadays one of the 10 most sustainable cities in the world. Proof of this are apartments like this one; renewed with the Graphenstone Premium range, a series of ecological and non-toxic paints with healthy certificates. Ecosphere Premium, an extra-white natural paint that absorbs CO2 during its carbonation process, has been used in the project. In addition, GCS Interior Premium paint on walls, offering a wide variety of colors, from pastel tones to [...]

  • Barcelona Creative Studio

Barcelona Creative Studio : Real World Example of Graphenstone Paint

This 17th-century farmhouse, converted into a creative studio, is located in the heart of nature and has been restored under the highest criteria of energy efficiency and ecology. Its special location and the materials used make it the only dwelling-studio in the energetically self-sufficient and respectful area, also converging the textures and arquitetonic values of its history. The restored spaces of the studio preserve the spatial and historical dimension of its original architecture. The stone has been [...]

  • OsteoStrong Australia

OsteoStrong : Real World Example of Graphenstone Paint

OsteoStrong is a unique place where you can go to improve your overall health by focusing on the one thing we all have in common: a skeletal system. The main center located in Australia has been redecorated using Graphenstone products, providing a healthy environment and greater comfort to the spaces. In addition to the OsteoStrong’s Australia centers, the brand will continue to renew all its stores worldwide.

  • The Jinan Sixth Peoples Hospital

Sixth People’s Hospital : Real World Example of Graphenstone Paint

The Jinan Sixth People’s Hospital (Jinan, China) is a large project (more than 100.000m2) using Graphenstone Premium products. The hygienizing and decontaminating action of the paints, combined with their high performance and quality were key elements in the decision to use Graphenstone products in a highly clinical environment.

  • City Council of Mairena del Alcor

City Council of Mairena del Alcor – Sports Center : Real World Example of Graphenstone Paint

"Antonio García" Sports Center The City Council of Mairena del Alcor (Seville, Spain) is launching a renovation project to make its city a much greener place. At the initiative of its mayor, Mr. Ricardo Antonio Sánchez Antúnez, the Antonio García Sports Pavilion has been renovated with Graphenstone products, making this sports center a much healthier place. In this project we have mainly used AmbientPro+, a photocatalytic paint capable of capturing harmful particles and breaking them down thanks [...]

  • Hospital Area of Panama

The Jinan Sixth People’s Hospital : Real World Example of Graphenstone Paint

Hospital Area Panama The Hospital Area of Panama is a complex of sanitary facilities located in the western area of Panama City. The facilities will have a built area of 219,000 square meters, and equipped with 43 operating rooms, more than 284 consultations and 1,235 beds. The project has been designed by the Spanish study TASH (Architecture Workshop Sanchez Horneros), which have taken into account the environmental and meteorological conditions of the enclave to adapt it to [...]

  • Ecological Apartments

Ecological Apartments : Real World Example of Graphenstone Paint

The most healthy apartment in Spain The healthiest apartment in Spain is a project of the real estate developer Privalore. In it, a good part of the 540 variables promoted by the Wellness Building Standard® are being applied. These are grouped into 7 categories: air, water, light, nutrition, fitness, comfort and mind. All of them work together so that, both a building, its structure and content, take care and extend the life of the families that occupy [...]

  • Seoul Colour Renovation

Seoul Colour Renovation : Real World Example of Graphenstone Paint

Renovation with ecological colour paint A comprehensive upgrade using Premium coatings and paints from the natural Graphenstone ColorSystem for an apartment in Seoul, Korea. The project was developed by the prestigious architectural studio Daniel Valle Architects, prescribing the Premium range and the Graphenstone ColorSystem.

  • Traditional House in Andalusia

Traditional House in Andalusia : Real World Example of Graphenstone Paint

Graphenstone paints and coatings offer a completely mineral matte finish, so characteristic of the traditional facades of southern Spain. An example of this is this cortijo (traditiona house) in Puerto de Santa María, which has been repainted with Biosphere Premium, an ecological paint formulated with artisanal lime and graphene technology, which provides great breathability and absorption of CO2.  

  • The Living House

The Living House : Real World Example of Graphenstone Paint

The Living House aims to become the first Living Building Challenge certified building in New Zealand. This home is an excellent example established by Zero Energy House (ZEH), which achieved Net Zero Energy Certification and Passive House Certification. The project aims to be the most advanced sustainable construction and a positive solution within the built environment. In this way, The Living House will be consolidated as the first "Passive House" and self-sufficient housing, also contributing a positive [...]

  • Park 2020

Park 20 | 20 : Real World Example of Graphenstone Paint

Park 20 | 20 is the first of its kind in the world. Built on the principles of Cradle to Cradle it is leading the way in ambition for a circular economy. Park 20 | 20 is where people, the environment, and economic feasibility is the foundation. It is a business park where the quality of the spaces that are marketed directly affects the performance and efficiency of workers as well as decreases work absenteeism. (Source: Delta [...]