Can you buy eco friendly paint here in the UK? Of course you can! Whenever we do some painting projects around the house or the office, we are used to using traditional paints – paints that are made up of potent cocktail of chemicals, VOCs, and solvents – components that may put our health at risk and the environment too. VOC are also emitted from the chemical paints’ factory production to the walls of your home.  

Some of the negative health effects of using chemical based paints are: irritated skin and minor burns; headaches and dizziness; and burning eyes, nose, and throat. Worst effects can be asthma, skin cancer, migraine, and kidney damage. Therefore, it is always best to go for non-toxic paints that are breathable and composed of natural materials.  

The huge impact eco paint has in the environment is that it does not leave any harmful footprints at all because most eco paint is water-based. Additionally, the natural substances present in this paint are biodegradable. Over time, eco paints have evolved and improved big time in terms of its functionality and colour variety.

There are certain brands in the market today that carry environment friendly paints, also known as eco paint. Its normal composition is from super low to zero VOC composition.

As stockist of the GRAPHENSTONE brand we are proud to say that this is one of the most trusted brand in the market today. They do offer a wide range of eco paint colours to choose from – that you can use to paint from wall to woods, from metals to floor, without risks to your health and the environment.

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So next time you decide on choosing the right paint to use, go for eco paints rather that the chemical based paints. Before you purchase eco paints, make sure to read the labels or better yet, ask a professional to assist you. Can you buy eco friendly paint in the UK? Yep, right here!