Where can I buy Scandinavian Eco Paint? As new homeowners (and obviously old homes for renovation purposes), we are always ecstatic to add to our homes  a fresh lick of paint.  Whether on rough-sawn paneling or on ceilings and walls or just a simple painting job on lodges, small rooms, and cabins, you can always give it a new splash and spice of Scandinavian style. Try this classic yet elegant look in your painting project so you can see the difference.

There are two main Scandinavian style styles you can create through using eco paint, one way is to create the white coloured wood floor finishes, have and also lyes and floor soaps that allow you to create a beautiful finish on your wooden floors.

The other Scandinavian style is to use what we call the Swedish red style of paint, this eco friendly red paint is used on wooden houses, on exterior wood. Painted straight onto the wood, it creates a hard wearing and weatherproof finish to your home. A classic look that is really starting to be seen more regularly here in the UK. Have a look on our website for more details of these products.

The best part is you can achieve the same results by using an eco paint instead of the normal paint, which is by the way, a concoction of chemicals per se – chemicals like volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and solvents – which can be harmful to your health as well as the environment. Also, studies show (tests from Environmental Protection Agency) that paint is one of the top 5 environmental threats and are said to be the cause of sick-building syndrome.

Few of the reasons why other people  are in doubt of trying this alternative is because of its inaccessibility and availability. But as times go by, more and more companies have been doing their best effort to develop one. While others are afraid to use it because they might not achieve the same effects of traditional paint. But surprisingly, eco paints are also easy to use and to redecorate.

Scandinavian eco paint is usually made of environment friendly substances like linseed oil – from regional and controlled contract cultivation –  linseed oil-standard oil, mineral pigments, fillers, wheat flour, and iron vitriol. That said, it is certified to be breathable, solvent free, and VOC free.

So now you can freely enjoy your painting job around the house even if there are kids or if there’s someone who has health issues.

We definitely love these Scandinavian eco paint finishes and we are sure you will do too!

We currently don’t have any of this in stock, having stocked it for years! Please get in contact to see if we can source some for you!