Is your garden missing a little something?  Perhaps it’s the soothing tinkle of wind chimes!  Don’t worry if you’ve not yet become the proud owner of a set—they can easily be made right at home with items that are probably just laying around.

For instance, wind chimes can be made by stringing up metallic objects so they strike each other and make a chiming sound.  Clever items such as tin cans, utensils, gears, even keys can be used.  You could even paint them with an eco-friendly paint and string them at different heights in order to make a piece that is beautiful as well as acoustically pleasing.

If you’re more interested in the decorative aspects of wind chimes, you can make some really lovely mobiles with fun objects like coloured bottles, seashells and vinyl records.  Each will make its own unique sound and can become a real centrepiece for any décor.  Clay pots, jingle bells, bottle caps, horseshoes, jar lids and beads could all be used as chimes on your recycled wind chime.  Get creative!

The base of homemade wind chimes can be made from just about anything.  Circular items such as old lids, round bits of wood, even cups or tins can be used as the base.  Alternatively, you may choose to hang your chiming items in a line in which case you could use a dowel or branch as the base.  Once you’ve chosen your base, you’ll need to poke holes around the perimeter with a hammer and nail or a drill.  Then string through your hanging material—string, ribbons, chain, wire, etc.  Finally, attach your chiming bits and hang your wind chime in its place.  Now sit back, relax and enjoy the chiming fruits of your labour.