Natural decorating

We’re already almost a month into the new year, so how about adding a touch of green and making some eco friendly changes inside your home to kickstart the New Year? Imagine yourself living another 365 days living in a newly revamped house whilst becoming a bit more efficient, energy conscious and more eco friendly. Much better.

Living a sustainable lifestyle is no longer “just a fad” these days. People from all walks of life – young and old, men and women, homeowners and apartment renters, they all do raise concerns about our environment. And so with no further adieu, may we present to you some of our clever solutions on how you can revamp your house, flat or apartment the green way.

Invest in an additional insulation for your apartment, building standards have changed over the last year, with a thicker amount of loft insulation needed in new builds, you may even be able to take advantage of green schemes where you can get grants to help pay for green additions. This could be an extreme make over if you want to be totally energy efficient.

Your house may have existing insulation but adding some more can pay for itself within a few years. Have a professional to check, so you know what kind of insulation you already have and to know which areas needs more. You may have to shell out a few quid but this is one of the most cost effective ways to improve your home’s comfort and save money by saving energy.

Use reclaimed wood for floors. You see, weathered and recycled woods are gaining popularity because of their “imperfections” like their textures, nail holes and saw marks. These characteristics would surely add style to your floor. They are eco-friendly materials too because acquiring them still preserves the environment. In additional to that they are know to be strong and durable plus they cost considerably less than new wooden planks.

Opt for totally free VOC or natural paints. You can never go wrong in revamping your home when you splash new colours on your home’s walls and ceilings. These days, you can paint your home without the threat of harmful chemicals called VOC or Volatile Organic Compounds, thanks to manufacturers of eco-friendly, breathable, and natural paints such as Auro.

Before you make a purchase, do your homework. Read the label or even ask if the paint you are about the buy is VOC free. Beware of claims some manufacturers make, as not all are totally transparent. We would always recommend Auro paints, as you can see the full ingredients list for every product, so you know that they are totally natural, and there are a great range of totally VOC free paints too.

Use LED lights. Lighting inside your apartment is considered to be one of the most instinctive qualities of an indoor space. It can either make or break the comfort of your home and even on how it sets the mood of the members of the family. Light-emitting Diodes or LED are perfect choice when it comes to lighting your home. It doesn’t heat up like incandescents, they last longer and are deemed to be more energy efficient than traditional bulbs.

The energy saving trust mention that there are two main types of energy efficient light bulbs available in the UK. Compact Fluorescent Lamps (CFLs) and Light Emitting Diodes (LEDs). BOth good, but LEDs have the edge for long term saving, although a higher initial cost.

While revamping your home or starting to live a more green lifestyle, the start of a new year is a a great time to get started. Of course it doesn’t matter on when you do, just as long as you start making the switch sooner rather than later. Whenever the big switch hits you, go for it. Good luck!