Auro Colours

In recent years, consumers have put more consideration into environmentally friendly, or “green” alternatives to the products that they buy. Part of this phenomenon can be attributed to a collaborative push for environmental preservation. With the world facing a fast growing population and the extensive used of the earth’s natural resources – more and more people have become concerned about insuring the longevity of their surroundings. Thus, business have become more forth coming in providing eco-friendly alternatives to their (of their competitors’) products in light of a growing demand.

The trend of “going green” has become so prevalent that many homeowners are looking for green alternatives when building, decorating, or even remodelling. The Natural and Organic Paint Co. offers a wide range of options for natural and organic paints for a variety of DIY projects. Through this site, a green alternative to conventional paint is now readily available to buy online.

With an incredible range of natural paints, any home improvement project has the potential to go green. This creates a safer environment within one’s home and preserves the integrity of the air. This improved Indoor Air Quality (IOQ) is made possible due to the decrease in synthetic materials and Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) contained within the paint. This makes natural and organic paint a safer paint to use in the home as it will not trigger allergies or asthma like conventional paint.

Auro natural paint has been certified as VOC free and is one of the healthiest, breathable natural paints on the market. It also has some of the most variety of colours and materials for DIY enthusiasts to tinker with in their projects as it provides a variety of products for multiple surfaces, including wood and metal.

Not only does using natural paint provide cleaner air for homes and businesses, but it also causes less hazardous waste than conventional paint. The chemicals in natural paint can be devastating to vegetation, and some types of paint are even considered hazardous waste. Instead of dealing with the hassle of proper paint disposal to ensure that it won’t contribute to environmental erosion, natural paint is easy to dispose of as it is made from only natural ingredients such as pigments, milk proteins, and plant dyes. This ensures a worry-free disposal for the consumer – but also guarantees the safer disposal of natural paint in the factory as well!