Easter (and hopefully warmer weather!) is just around the corner, so start running your test batches of Easter eggs now to get ahead of the curve.  Long gone are the days of merely dying your eggs different colours.  Oh no, nowadays there are baskets and baskets full of cute and clever ideas for really taking your Easter egg decorating to the next level.

First, decide what kind of eggs you’re going to use.  If you like hard boiled eggs, feel free to make a big batch of those to use as your canvases.  Just keep in mind they will not last long, so you’re creations will be fleeting.  Alternatively, you could use wooden eggs or plastic eggs.  These will last forever and can be used year after year.

Once you’ve got your eggs picked out, buy some natural and organic paint that will be safe for little hands that find the eggs on a hunt.  The youngest Easter egg hunters may put the eggs in their mouths, so ensure you get a non-toxic paint that is saliva proof.  You may choose to go with traditional pastels or opt for bold, contemporary colours and designs.

Now for the fun part!  When planning out your Easter egg designs, think about what you’ll be doing with the finished products.  Are you going to hide them for the hunt?  Perhaps bright, easy to spot colours are best.  Are you going to pile them in a decorative bowl and use them as a centrepiece?  You can get really creative with these.  Paint the eggs their base colour and then hand paint dots, stripes, faces, flowers or even little chicks onto them.

There are even unique and elegant ways to paint your eggs so they become true masterpieces.  Add glitter, adhesive jewels, ribbons and more to really take them to the next level.  Happy Easter!